Valentine's Day Gifts


Valentine day

The Best Gifts For Your Valentine

Aries: (Mar 20 – Apr 19) Sun glasses, sporting events, disco parties, music CDs, latest & fast computer games & gadgets are the likings of male Arians. Arian females will get attracted to colourful jewellery, especially earrings with Red stones & shiny make-up sets. A bunch of Red Roses with red & pink silk ribbons will attract her towards you. Tickets to music or theatre events will definitely attract Arians. They appreciate cool, trendy fashion accessories or handmade crafts. Taurus: (Apr 19 – May 20) Taurean males love chocolates and automobile stuff. They are also crazy about imported stuff. Baskets of exotic fruits, massage oils, big fluffy towels, organic sheets, silk dresses, perfumes, dessert cookbooks are some stuff that will impress a Taurean female. Gemini: (May 20 – Jun 21) Gemini males are blessed with excellent communication skills. Gift them the latest Mobile. They would also appreciate a good collection of motivational books, quotes & spiritual stuff to read. Gemini females are also fond of mobile phones & lovely messages – especially quotes from their partner. Soundtracks or “Best of” CDs, magazine subscription, I-pods are good gift options. More than gifts, your Gemini mate will appreciate the time that you spend with him or her. And if you are planning to get married, then there’s no better gift than a diamond ring for this special occasion. Cancer: (Jun 21 – Jul 22) Cancerian males believe in luck. Gift them lottery tickets, gift vouchers. They believe in quality; so gift them the best of gadgets. Household stuff like TV, Refrigerators, Microwave & Furnishing items are the first choice for Cancerian females. Think about a cosy night at home or in your favourite restaurant. Write a heartfelt poem and frame it. You can also gift a beautiful heart-shaped silver photo frame with the couple’s photograph in it. Cakes, chocolates & Flowers could just be the cherries on the cake. Read more!

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