Valentine’s Day Wedding

Valentine day gift

February is considered by many as a month of love and romance. And how fun would it be to get married on or (near) the day of Love – Valentine’s Day? In the words of Thomas Moore, “Marriage is an authentic weaving together of families, of two souls with their individual fates and destinies, of time and eternity–everyday life married to the timeless mysteries of the soul. I know I am too late to post this as my readers who are going to tie the knots on this day would have already started the required arrangements for the most special day of their lives. But still, if you wish to take some few tips or ideas to add the Valentine mood to your wedding here are a few simple yet important tips to fill love and romance in the air on the day of your wedding. So let cupid work its magic into your lives forever.

Begin with the wedding invitations and get a tinge of Valentine in your invitations as well. You can get the wedding invitation cards decorated with cupids and in intricate gold lettering. Also the invitation can be the best conveyer of the colour scheme of the day. Scream love with a picture of you and your hubby on the card.

Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to take wedding vows, so be very careful while selecting the venue of your marriage. You can select a place, where lots of candles can be lit to really set the mood of the ceremony. Look for a place warm enough in mid-February, to be in a secluded garden, or may be a scenic spot with lush flowers around. Read more!


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