The Divine or Heavenly group

Translation: Deer’s Head
Deity: Soma

You are youthful, full of energy, and very popular. You have a sharp intellect, unbounded curiosity, and a fine sense of humour. You are elegant and concerned about your appearance. You are very knowledgeable and can hold your own in intellectual discussion. You are very creative, especially in the performing arts. You enjoy singing and public speaking. You will have no problems in attracting romantic partners, though your marital life may not be harmonious.

You often tend to overdo things, and often get overexcited about them, and as a consequence; might suffer from nervousness and exhaustion. You have to guard against becoming too critical and sarcastic as you may risk alienating a lot of people.

Careers ideally suited for you are: Sports, Advertising, Communication, Environment campaigns, travel related industry etc. You will fare well in your career when you are given creative freedom and allowed to chart your own course.

Many of you will suffer from bodily ailments and minor illnesses through out your life. READ MORE


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