The Divine or Heavenly group

Translation: Horseman
Deity: Ashwinis (Health)

You are loyal, trustworthy and reliable. Your calm and quiet exterior hides a magnetic personality. Your inherent goodness and comforting nature draws people to you. They look to you for guidance. You are elegant and concerned about your appearance. You are as proud and self-sufficient as you are good natured and practical. You give comfort to others as well as encourage and motivate them. You move, think, act and learn quickly. Though you often enjoy starting new projects, there may be a certain lack of enthusiasm and consistency in following them through. Your movements are like that of a horse, always racing about.

Your greatest strength lies in the speed with which you can get things done. You always have a great deal of energy and stamina; that others can rarely keep pace with, and this keeps them in awe of you.

Activities and careers that will suit you are: architecture, stock broking, business, interior design, flying, driving, riding and sports.

Take care to curb your stubbornness, as it may get in the way of a harmonious family life. You are predisposed to muscular injuries and those of you leading very active lives should be careful, as accidents are common to people born under this nakshatra. READ MORE


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