Astro Talk

Speak directly with our astrologers over the phone from the comfort of your home! This service is appointment based, and your appointment will be fixed for a time that is mutually convenient. No long distance charges…as we will call YOU!!

No extra long distance call charges Astroyogi will place a call to you ANYWHERE within India or for that matter in the world at no extra cost.
Privacy : You will have complete privacy as your telephone no. will at no time ever be disclosed to anyone else, not even the astrologer.
Who will I speak with? You have a choice of panelists, both from our celebrity panel as well as any one of the renowned senior astrologers from prestigious astrology institutions across India that form part of the Astroyogi astrologer panel based on availability. You can make your choice below.
How soon will I be able to get an appointment? Allow 48 hours to coordinate your appointment. The more flexible your time availability, the sooner you will get an appointment. Usually within 3-4 days of placing your order.
How will I know what time my appointment has been fixed? And what if last minute I am unable to keep the appointment? Your appointment will be carried out as scheduled. If you are unable to keep the appointment simply inform Customer Care who will reschedule the same; alternately you will be informed of any change of appointment from our end.


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