Green Diwali

People have started to become aware of the environmental hazards caused by crackers during Diwali and it is time that we take a resolution to make this Diwali a Green Diwali. If we try we surely can create an explosion of joy and happiness without the loud bursting of crackers. Other than the money that goes into buying these crackers, there is a huge amount of noise and air pollution, and an equal amount of waste is created as well.

Crackers Go Green…
Switch to eco-friendly crackers before the burden of waste gets too heavy to carry. The traditional chemical crackers may be a greater fun but let us not forget our responsibilities towards the environment we live in. A small compromise here can bring a great change in the future. Eco friendly crackers are made of recycled paper, they are far safer that the usual ones and do not make much noise. Instead of smoke, these eco-friendly crackers emit lights of different colours and on bursting it spreads flutters of paper in air. READ MORE


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