Colour Characteristics

Colour Characteristics

Mona Lisa’s spoof Each colour is endowed with its own set of properties and affects people accordingly. The research on colours is ongoing; what we have here is based on the latest findings.


  • Red, having the slowest vibration, acts on the emotions quicker than any other colour.
  • It is, almost universally, the colour of passion and warmth but in its deeper shade of scarlet, red can instigate the beast in man.
  • It stands for all the vigour and excitement in life, and induces feelings of strength and vitality in a person.
  • The unfavourable influence of red can trigger off strong emotions, not only of fear and anger but also of irrepressible lust.
  • In its crimson shade, the colour denotes the painful aspects of life, whereas the pink shade evokes maternal affection.
  • Red can be used in treating irregularities in blood circulation, but it is not very conducive to people who suffer from mental maladies. READ MORE

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