Your Green Diwali

Diwali signifies the end of darkness and it is time we start enlightening ourselves about the hazards that Diwali celebrations poses on our environment. An eco-friendly Diwali is not about taking shortcuts; instead it is all about your conscious efforts to be a more responsible citizen.

A Green Gift
To start with, let’s cut down on the Diwali wrappings for all the gifts that we give or else use recycled paper. How about gifting something that doesn’t require a wrap at all and that grows with every passing Diwali? You can visit a nearby nursery and pick that perfect green present, a plant! As far as sending out cards is concerned it is more economic and green to send out electronic cards and it saves on your time as well. Make your rangoli with bio-degradable products and they can be served as a feed to birds and would not go as a waste into your garbage bins.

A Greener House
Cleaning one’s house is a ritual before Diwali and most of us indulge in giving our houses the outlook we had been thinking for quite sometime. It is time we switch from the conventional paints in our house to more eco-friendly paints as they are not only beneficial for the environment but for our families as well. Or even if you are planning to buy a house this Diwali, make sure that the walls are painted with eco-friendly colours. A few Vaastu tips too could help enhance a greener and peaceful vibe to your new house.

Your Green Wealth
Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth is also worshipped during Diwali and the festival is associated with one’s finances in many ways. People believe this time to be auspicious for buying goods. Though one should be careful with his/her excessive consumption and be sensitive towards nature conservation. So we should try buying things that we need and not get encouraged by all the discounts and sales extravaganza offered in the market.

Festivals have long been associated with social gatherings and it has been a tradition of families meeting up with one another to mark the celebrations. But nowadays Diwali is more about loud polluting crackers and it is high time that instead of burning away all our money, we take a wise initiative of donating a portion of it to the underprivileged and bring a smile to their faces.

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