2011: The Year of Rabbit

The year 2011 is the year of the Rabbit. It would be a peaceful year, vis-à-vis 2010, the relatively violent year of the Tiger, and much welcomed by the people. It would be the best time to go off to some quiet place to nurse your wounds received during the year gone by, and get the much needed respite and rest.

During 2011, people would be more refined and they would realize the value of persuasion as compared to force. Diplomacy, international relations and politics would again hog limelight, and people will act with sound judgment and make logical concessions with ease.

However, the influence of the Rabbit would not do any good to those who love comfort, and actually play havoc with their efficiency and sense of duty. Law and order would also not be something to feel happy about. Rules and regulations could go for a toss, and not strictly enforced. But few or no one would really take a note of these disagreeable facts. They would be busy having a good time themselves, entertaining others, or just taking it easy.

Serenity would prevail. People would have a propensity to put off unpleasant responsibilities for as long as possible. Money would come without putting in much effort. People would be relaxed and unhurried while they enjoy the many luxuries and comforts of life that they may have wanted since long.

In short, 2011 promises to be a pleasant year with easygoing pace.


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