I Ching

I Ching is a traditional Chinese divination method. It involves tossing three identical coins and using the patterns they form, to receive answers to personal questions from the ‘I Ching’, or the Book of Changes. It is a manual of divination based upon a belief in the synchronicity of the universe. It works on the basic belief that all events occurring at a particular time are interrelated by both vertical and horizontal causality. In ancient times, oracles were in use, everywhere. The oldest among them confined themselves to the answers “yes” and “no”. This type of oracular pronouncement is likewise the basis of the Book of Changes.

One comment on “I Ching

  1. Brad Crawford says:

    Between Man and the Tao, the I ching-tends to put more emphasis on the passivity of man. For instance depending upon which copy and therefore which translator, be he/she from the West or the East will influence any given answer in any given translation. For instance a 50 year old scholar from Bejing will have diffrernt insights and a different take on the hexagrams than a 50 year old translator from New York City. Relative to something like the Law of Attraction, the Tarot seems to offer more consise accurate answers because it’s using Western concepts. I’ve never found the I-ching very helpful and have argued to the point of headache on some issues with it.

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