Sunsign Cooking Styles


Sunsign Aries-
If you belong to the zodiac sign Aries, you will love to experiment and prepare new dishes. You love variety in your cooking and enjoying mixing things and ingredients. You love spices and your dishes will reflect just that!

Sunsign Taurus-
If your sun sign is Taurus, good food will be a big part of your life. Taurus, you love traditional herbs and aromas. You like to cook only when you have all the right ingredients. Your food is delicious with all its rich sauces.

Sunsign Gemini-
If you belong to the zodiac sign Gemini, you will enjoy cooking dishes that are slightly aromatic and do not have a strong taste. You like preparing extravagant meals and tend to cook a large assortment of delicious dishes especially when you are expecting guests.

Sunsign Cancer-
Food is your passion Cancer and you love to prepare many dishes at the same time. You use your great cooking skills to impress your loved ones. You like to prepare dishes that are visually inspiring and are flavoured well.

Sunsign Leo-
Leo, you believe in elegance. No matter how you cook, you will always present your dishes well. Exotic oriental dishes work well with you and you are able to cook a fabulous meal when you asked to prepare exotic dishes.

Sunsign Virgo-
Virgo, you enjoy cooking food that is rich in taste and yet prepared in the simplest of styles. You do not go overboard and like to prepare small meals. You like using fresh herbs while cooking and like everything homemade.

Sunsign Libra-
If you belong to the zodiac sign Libra, you would be passionate about cooking wholesome family style dishes. You would prefer subtle spices and would not like to cook dishes that have an overwhelming flavour to it. Moroccan and Chinese dishes are best suited to your style of cooking.

Sunsign Scorpio-
If your sunsign is Scorpio, you would love to prepare meals that are nutritious. You like strong, unusual and unique flavours. You are drawn towards exotic drinks. Even though you love spices, you wouldn’t include too much of it in your cooking.

Sunsign Sagittarius-
If your zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you wouldn’t be enthusiastic about cooking. On rare occasions when you do cook you would experiment with various recipes. Your cooking will reflect a mix of the western and eastern style of cooking.

Sunsign Capricorn-
If you belong to the zodiac sign Capricorn, you would enjoy preparing meals that are sensible. You do not like to take risks when it comes to cooking. This however, does not mean that your food is bland. Meals that you prepare are nicely flavoured and good to taste.

Sunsign Aquarius-
If your zodiac sign is Aquarius, you would love to prepare food that is different. People may not opt for such strange flavours but you do. You like to impress your guests with new and unfamiliar dishes.

Sunsign Pisces-
If you belong to the zodiac sign Pisces your cooking will depend entirely on your mood. When you are in a good mood, you like to come up with original ideas and impress everyone with your culinary skills. Seafood works best for you!

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