Fifa World Cup 2010 Winner

This prediction is based on modern astrological planets such as Chiron , Uranus & Pallas.

Chiron decides career success , Uranus decides fame & recognition while Pallas decides victory over enemies.

It may be a bit surprising for football lovers that Netherlands will be the winner for this 2010 world cup. Most people think that Germany will be the winner. We still remember the way they defeated Maradona’s Argentina team.

In the first semi-final Spain will win. This match with Germany will not be easy for them. It may go to penalty shoot outs.

In another semi-final Netherlands will win. They will win it comfortably.

The final will be played between Spain & Netherlands. There are very less chances of Netherlands losing this match. Transiting Uranus ( fame giving planet ) is in conjunction with natal Pallas of Netherlands Captain – Giovanni Van Bronckhorst. Even this transiting Uranus is parallel to natal Pallas.



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