Tarot card of the day!

3 of Cups

The card is upright:

The appearance of the 3 of cups in the upright position indicates good news on the career front. You are about to successfully finalize a very important financial deal or a business project. You will seek pleasure, entertainment and enjoyments from all the good things that life has to offer. This feeling of happiness is likely to last for some time. Marriages are also likely to take place. New events are likely to increase your level of excitement. Your trust in someone is likely to be increased too. This in turn is likely to improve the rapport that you share with this special someone. This is also the time when you will see many of your personal relationships improve. This position of the card indicates abundance, maternity, fertility and a cure to all illnesses.  The birth of someone may also bring happiness to you at this time. Celebrations will soon be in order as the 3 of cups in its upright position can only be an indication of all the good things that are about to happen in your life.

The card is reversed

The reversed position of the 3 of cups tarot card in your reading is definitely not a good sign. It is an indication of a possible illness and the loss of happiness. Your bodily appetite is about to be at an all time high soon.  You will need to keep in check your tendencies to overeat as it could trigger some health problems. Some problems may occur when you find yourself indulging in some bad habits like smoking or drinking in excess. This reversed position symbolizes greed and selfishness. A night of unbridled passion may not be the best thing for you during this time. A loveless affair, which is indicated, may only bring you unhappiness so you need to be in complete control of your life. Your love life may be in turmoil and you may be disappointed with the way things end with your lover.

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