Celebrity Gemini: Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is a hot and happening Bollywood actress well known for getting involved in controversies rather than for her acting prowess. Born in June 8, 1975 she belongs to the sign Gemini known for having two different sides to their personality. She is a Tulu born in Tamil Nadu and can speak nearly 10 different languages including English, Hindi, Tamil Gujrati, Kannada etc.

Shilpa Shetty, the queen of controversy was a virtual unknown until her 1993 debut film, ‘Baazigar’ .It was a huge success, earning her a nomination for Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award. Her first leading role was in the film Aag in 1994, which was average in the Box office and in the same year Main Khiladi Tu Anari co-starring Akshay Kumar was released, which was a success. Then came a series of flops, which soon led her career towards decline. Shilpa re-invented herself after her good performance in Dhadkan (2000). Shilpa was a frequent subject of speculation regarding romance. Her relationship with actor Akshay kumar, whom she met on the sets of Main Khiladi Tu Anari was much talked about. In 2000, the couple broke up after he started dating Shetty’s friend and fellow actress Twinkle Khanna.The reason behind the unstability in her life is the negative influence of Rahu.

Shilpa proved that it takes more than talent to succeed in the super-competitive world of show business, though. A little luck never hurts, and Shilpa has the symbol of good fortune, right next to her Sun in Gemini. The expansive nature of the solar system’s largest planet in Shilpa’s chart adds vision to Gemini’s sometimes short-sighted view of things. She’s likely to get distracted by trivial issues due to her ruling planet Mercury, a danger for the busy, mentally buzzing sign of the Twins. Still the planet Jupiter’s presence draws her attention to bigger issues. Read More


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