All about KP System of Astrology by Vishal Gupta!

KP or Krishnamurti Paddhati is an excellent system of astrological predictions, conceived and created by the great Indian astrology master late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. KP System is based on the finer points of Indian and Western astrology and borrows important concepts from many branches of astrology. It is regarded to be the most accurate system of prediction. Contrary to classical Hindu astrology beliefs, KP system is systematic and very well defined.

Here are some interesting facts about the KP System:

  • It divides each Constellation / Star / Nakshatra division into 9 further subdivisions called ‘SUBS’. These sub divisions are not equal divisions, but are as per the Vimshottari Dashas Divisions System.
  • KP System uses KP Ayanamsha as opposed to Lahiri Ayanamsha, which is mostly used in Vedic System. The difference between the two is about 6 minutes.
  • KP system uses Cusps which are the house/ bhav beginnings like in Western System, as opposed to House Centres or Bhav Madhyas used in the Vedic system.
  • This system uses Placidus House system which is used very often in Western astrology.
  • KP system gives importance to the zodiac divisions on the basis of Constellations / Stars / Nakshatras. A planet in its dasha gives results as per its Nakshatra-Swami (Star-Lord) rather than the planet itself. Hence the Planet represents the SOURCE, that Planet’s Star-Lord represents the EFFECTS, RESULTS and the Planet’s SUB gives an idea of the Final Direction of that result.
  • KP uses Ruling Planets’ methodology which says that the planets at the time of desire and fructification are always the same.
  • The House characteristics are given more importance than the planetary characteristics.
  • KP system discards many popular classical astrology principles like divisional charts and yogas.

KP goes beyond stellar and makes use of the sub lord of houses and planets. The basic principle of KP method is that the results are offered by the star lord (constellation) of any planet and whether it is good or bad, will materialize or not will be decided by the sub lord. Houses (cuspal) sub lord promises various events during the lifetime of the user. Planetary sub lord decides if it is going to materialize in its dasa period. The Western system is based on aspects, which the planets make among themselves, and aspects they make with the houses.

About Astrologer Vishal Gupta
Vishal Gupta is a consultant astrologer, Vaastu Expert, Reiki Healer, palmist and clinical hypnotherapist with an experience of more than 8 years. He has studied in depth the science of astrology and has been awarded the title of Jyotish Praveen, Jyotish Visharad from the Indian council of astrological science, Chennai. I also studied clinical hypnosis from California Hypnosis Sciences, California. He began his career in astrology in the year 2002 and has since made a name for himself in the field of Astrology.


2 comments on “All about KP System of Astrology by Vishal Gupta!

  1. venkat says:

    Hi , Prasna kundali is basically about getting yes and no answers . How can one be sure its the right answer. last month i had interacted with one kp astrologer based in pune with relation to my marriage . i sent him the basic horoscope details of mine as well as the girl ,He replied back saying i will be marrying the girl i hadant provided him any nos.

    i consulted another kp astrologer whom this time i gave the no for the same question the reply was a no .

    My question is which is the right answer in this case .

  2. Ambarish says:

    there is no one in the world who cast forecast about your life…. i believe in astrology…but i do not trust astrologers… as no one in this world has complete knowledge of astrology….

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