Vaastu for your Home!

Vaastu Shastra is a science that can help you improve the energy of your home and attract harmony. You will see much improvement in your personal relationships if you start following some basic rules of Vaastu. By implementing these easy and simple Vaastu tips, see how great your life becomes!

The North West corner of the house is best for guests. The next time you go house hunting make sure you buy a house with a spare room towards the north west. It’s good for socializing and other fun activities.

North East– No matter what, your bedroom should not be in this direction. According to Vaastu, this brings in disharmony and impacts your personal relationships. Arguments are squabbles between married couples are likely to increase if the bedroom is located in this corner of the house. Avoid a house with a bedroom to the North East.

The Bedroom should ideally be located towards the South West as it is considered to be lucky in Vaastu. This helps the energy in the house remain positive. Your house will be a happy home if you keep it clutter free and clean. The doors should not get stuck and make sure there’s nothing in front of the main entrance blocking the way. This drives away positive energy from the house.

If you are building a new home, please give a complete description of the location of your home and placement of rooms; and your queries thereafter will be answered by our Vaastu Experts. Incase you are planning to buy a new home, then our Vaastu Experts can provide you with advice on the best buy for you….locationwise/layout wise/titlewise.


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