Retrograde Planets & their Impact…

Retrogrades are the time when planets take a backward turn and affect areas of your life that they rule. When a planet turns retrograde, its influence is reversed. There will be challenges in your life but you must learn to take these in stride. Accept changes that take place when retrogrades happen.

Mercury Retrograde

This is the time when you get to think about adjusting your attitude and decisions about issues that give a new direction to your life. The adjustments that you make during the retrograde period are bound to occur throughout the year. Things tend to get awry during this Mercury Retrograde period. A rise in misunderstandings, delays, disruptions in negotiation and trade, flawed communication etc are likely during this period. Unforeseen changes and blockages are seen in this retro phase. This retrograde has an impact on your mind and thoughts. You review and revise your life during this period. You start thinking of ways to improve your life and start making changes that gear you towards success. This is the time that allows you think of future changes. You want to think of ideas that allow you to fit your future dreams into your present. For some of you these changes will give a new direction to your life.

Mars Retrograde
Mars retrograde is the time when you need to wait and plan your projects. In general people are frustrated and make some poor choices and moves during this period. Things may go slow or not go as expected. Your energy level slows down and arguments occur due to impulsive actions during this time. A bad time to initiate new projects and plans. Accept compromises and review your goals and methods. Stress related health problems are indicated when Mars goes retrograde. Adjustments that you are willing to make now will help improve your chances in future. If you have to postpone something new do so, as it is probably for the better. Wait for Mars to resume direct motion and you will soon see this frustrating time change.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn turning retrograde gives you an opportunity to reassess your past commitments.
You get a chance to decide what’s best for you and say No to the things that you don’t want to do. Before starting any new projects, you need to have a look at your past commitments, projects and strategies. Stress may hit you unexpectedly what with all the delays and upsets. It is essential that you make no new commitments at this time, as it will be hard to keep up. Accept life as it is and you will not get frustrated easily. During Saturn retrogrades focus on what you can do to change the current state of affairs. Reorganize your life and don’t be disappointed if things don’t work out the way you anticipate.

Venus Retrograde

When Venus turns retrograde it has an impact on your love life and values. This is the time when you start thinking about your personal life and relationships. Many people believe that this is not a good time to get married or even start a new relationship. Its best to take things slow and re-think your personal relationships. This is also not a good time to make major financial decisions. Those of you planning to have a makeover need to wait for Venus to turn direct again. During this time there is a possibility that hairdos, enhancements, and new wardrobes may go wrong. If you don’t want to get stuck with a hairstyle that you don’t like you should wait for a better time. Venus rules beauty and that is why beautification processes like renovations and decorations may not go as planned. Act on these areas when Venus turns direct again.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter retrograde is the time when you gain a better perspective on life. It evokes in you a feeling to get in touch with long lost friends, go on a journey that you had postponed for some reason or another. What you did in the past starts showing result when jupiter is in retro phase. This is an excellent time to take care of any unfinished business. If you are into spirituality this is the best time to learn more about philosophical or spiritual things. Spirituality helps you gain a better understanding of life. By exploring philosophies you get in touch with your personal integrity. Most people seem to be phony and superficial during this retrograde phase. But it all depends upon you whether you just want to sit there and criticise or change your outlook in life. Have an objective look at your projects and see where you need to work harder and do it better.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto retrogrades are those times when you are far more intense and have a higher degree of concentration. You start looking at things in a whole new manner. You may even be suspicious of the motives of others and start seeing more than there actually is. The retrograde motion is directed towards your inner activity. This retro phase urges you to let go of what is old and embrace the new. This is the best time to change your attitude, behaviour, life style and old habits etc. You will not get a better time than the Pluto retrogrades to start a detoxifying diet. This detoxifying diet completely cleanses your internal system. You gain control over your personal life and feel a lot better. A good time to give yourself a makeover and transform yourself. This retro phase will definitely make you look good and feel good too.

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus retrograde is the time when you seek freedom and adventure the most. You are at your creative best at this time. Your creative mind starts working overtime and you come up with some rather brilliant ideas. Start planning the best way to test your creative thoughts. A wonderful time for those working in the creative field. Your creative juices are flowing at this time and artistic skills are enhanced. You dislike being confined and want to be free from everything that makes you feel tied up. You may even feel like a rebel at this period. But it is wise not to act impulsively upon your urges. Think about all the changes that you want to make but act on them when Uranus turns direct again.

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune retrograde is the time when you find yourself drawn towards spirituality. You will also be able to express yourself as an artist. Your sensitivity is heightened at this time. You make an effort to connect with your inner self and pay more attention to what’s going on around you. This is a time to refrain from associating with the wrong crowd. It is important that you avoid people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other stimulants. During this retrograde period you are likely to pick up too much from your external environment. This is a good time to focus on your artistic skills and talents. You may feel confused about a lot of things at this time. Its best to embrace this confusion and accept life as it is.


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