Good Luck Charms for Love!!

Does your ruling number influence your love life? The answer is yes! Based on your ruling number, you can find out what’s best for you according to Numerology and what you need to avoid in order to have a fabulous love life!

Don’t Know your Ruling Number? Find out now!

Ruling Number 1-

A very popular love charm is the red candle! Red, the colour of love will bring you luck and it might even bring you the love of your life!

Ruling Number 2

A pair of red roses will act as a charm! Let its magic bring you the love that you are looking for! Keep red roses around your bed for enhanced luck.

Ruling Number 3

The colours blue and green are lucky for you. Keep a blue or green coloured hanging on your wall or wear something in blue when you go out on a date.

Ruling Number 4.

Having trouble finding love? Try wearing a red or brown wristband, watch or a bangle. These accessories will surely act as a great love charm!

Ruling Number 5

A heart shaped pendant in silver will act as a great love charm! It will help attract love and passion and bring that someone special into your life!

Ruling Number 6

Hang a picture of a happy pair on your bedroom wall! Anything in a pair acts as a great love charm. This picture can even be of your favourite celebrity couple!

Ruling Number 7

Vases and pots with flowers in the south west area of your house acts as a great love charm. Red flowers will bring in added luck and positive energy!

Ruling Number 8

A pair of birds acts as a good love charm and brings you luck and love! You will find love and will also be able to attract someone charming.

Ruling Number 9

Keep two pillows on your bed for attracting love in your life! Your love life will improve and you will find love sooner than you expect. A pair of pillows will surely act as a charm.


Vaastu for your Home!

Vaastu Shastra is a science that can help you improve the energy of your home and attract harmony. You will see much improvement in your personal relationships if you start following some basic rules of Vaastu. By implementing these easy and simple Vaastu tips, see how great your life becomes!

The North West corner of the house is best for guests. The next time you go house hunting make sure you buy a house with a spare room towards the north west. It’s good for socializing and other fun activities.

North East– No matter what, your bedroom should not be in this direction. According to Vaastu, this brings in disharmony and impacts your personal relationships. Arguments are squabbles between married couples are likely to increase if the bedroom is located in this corner of the house. Avoid a house with a bedroom to the North East.

The Bedroom should ideally be located towards the South West as it is considered to be lucky in Vaastu. This helps the energy in the house remain positive. Your house will be a happy home if you keep it clutter free and clean. The doors should not get stuck and make sure there’s nothing in front of the main entrance blocking the way. This drives away positive energy from the house.

If you are building a new home, please give a complete description of the location of your home and placement of rooms; and your queries thereafter will be answered by our Vaastu Experts. Incase you are planning to buy a new home, then our Vaastu Experts can provide you with advice on the best buy for you….locationwise/layout wise/titlewise.

Parad Ganesha for enhanced luck!

Married couples who are facing problems in their life will see that their relationship is improving and that there is better communication between a couple. Couples will see love return in their life once they worship Lord Ganesha. Financial issues are also resolved due to the blessings of Lord Ganesha. If you are looking for a new job or are looking for a new house the worship of this Parad Ganesha will bless you with good luck.

All about I Ching!!

I Ching is a traditional Chinese divination method. It involves tossing three identical coins and using the patterns they form, to receive answers to personal questions from the ‘I Ching’, or the Book of Changes. It is a manual of divination based upon a belief in the synchronicity of the universe. It works on the basic belief that all events occurring at a particular time are interrelated by both vertical and horizontal causality. In ancient times, oracles were in use, everywhere. The oldest among them confined themselves to the answers “yes” and “no”. This type of oracular pronouncement is likewise the basis of the Book of Changes…Read More

Your Daily Horoscope…

Read your Daily horoscope for April 29, 2010!

Aries Horoscope:

A legal case may be decided today, after a long wait! You can breathe a huge sigh of relief as finally this situation takes a big turn for the better. All that legal advice of your new lawyer has paid off. Take stock of the situation and take necessary steps to move forward. Close this case completely and put it all behind you.

Taurus Horoscope:

Today you should be careful about whom you trust. You have a tendency to trust others blindly. Listen to your intuition when making decisions and do not let other people make choices for you. Even if a person seems totally genuine and you are convinced of their kindness, do think twice before giving control of your life over to anyone else.

Gemini Horoscope:

Peace of mind will pervade throughout the day. Do not let anything spoil your calm and serenity today. There will surely be people who will try to annoy and distract you. Refuse to get involved in anything that does not concern you. These times of rest and relaxation should be taken as a gift and a blessing and should not be passed up under any circumstances. be with people to whom you are close.

Cancer Horoscope:

Today you may find yourself leaning towards spiritual practices and pursuits. Explore your inner spiritual world and nurture the part of you that connects with a force larger than yourself. This exploration and journey will bring you lots of benefits, as well as a sense of peace. You may find that your health benefits as a result of your introspection.

Leo Horoscope:

Today you may find yourself wanting to spend time with your family, leaving work and worries behind. This is a time full of warmth and rapport for people in close relation to each other, so appreciate that your family is in your life. Treasure these moments as they do not last forever.

Virgo Horoscope:

You find that your self-confidence will be on the rise today. Use it to your advantage. You will surely be in a position to impress those around you with your positive attitude and self-assurance. You may find that someone you meet today is impressed enough with you to offer you an opportunity that you will not want to pass up!

Libra Horoscope:

You may be given an opportunity to better some of your skill sets as educational opportunities are very likely today. Do not miss out on any chances you come across today to gain some new knowledge or improve your skills because whatever new abilities you acquire today are sure to open a door for you in the future.

Scorpio Horoscope:

Today you will be in a mood to put pending plans into action. You will have little tolerance for procrastination and will look only for result-oriented solutions. Today has you really wanting to make concrete headway on projects. Definitely use this energy to your advantage today and complete some long-pending projects.

Sagittarius Horoscope:

You will enjoy the company of friends today. This is a great day to recharge, relax and rejuvenate yourself. These are the times to remember for a long time to come, as your bonds of friendship become stronger. You have been together through the highs and lows and it is time you celebrated your success today!

Capricorn Horoscope:

You may be honoured with recognition at this time. You have worked steadily and surely throughout and if there is anyone who deserves this, it is you. Bask in the glory of your achievements instead of worrying about other things. Cheers!

Aquarius Horoscope:

You may get support from groups that you belong to if you are willing to step out on a limb and voice your opinions. You will not prove your capabilities by being overly controlling, so delegate some of your work. Ask for help while you still have time in hand. Also, talking too much about the tasks in hand will not help the situation, pour your efforts into getting concrete results.

Pisces Horoscope:

If you are asked to give a little of your time to a good social cause, jump at it. Not only will it do others good, you will see how much of personal satisfaction it brings you. Go ahead with it; you will enjoy the experience.

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3, 6, 9 magic works once again!

Though client Anil Kumble did well to become the most economical bowler in IPL 3 {He was the highest wicket taking spinner, & finalist last year}, we did predict that it would not be a smooth ride as No 8, Kumble {17/10/1970} is in his 40th year and 8 & 4 as a combo are not Worldly!

The Semi-Final target was 184, = 4 again!

21st is 3, Jupiter, and compatible with 3, 6, 9; so on the first Semi-Final it had to be a 3, 6, 9 affair! While Man of the Match Pollard is a No 3 {12/05}, he took 3 wickets & blasted 33 quick runs! Saurabh Tiwary, {Jersey 15} also a No 3 {30/12/1980} in his 21st year {in 2010=3 too} was the highest scorer of the day! Harbhajan, also a 3 {3/07} wearing Jersey No 3 & in his 30th year scalped two important wickets too!

At the beginning of the tournament, our client Pragyan Ojha {30/8, Jersey 30} Bhajji & Tiwary were tipped to do well & Ojha is the leading wicket taker of the tournament!

Sanjay B.Jumaani, son of famous Numerologist Bansilal M Jumaani has been in the limelight for all his remarkable predictions; he has been instrumental in changing people’s destiny by altering the spellings in their names and surnames. He started out as a Marketing Executive but made it big as a Numerologist!

Sanjay B. Jumaani has accurately predicted many events which have been reported by the media. His articles and predictions with regard to cricket, films, film stars and the economy have been published by leading newspapers in India like the Times of India, Hindustan Times, Anand Bazar Patrika etc. He has featured time & again in leading T.V channels like Star Plus, Zee TV, Sony, India TV,Aaj Tak, Star News & many more.

In 2008, Sanjay B. Jumaani was awarded the ‘Bharat Nirman Award’ for excellence in the field of numerology.

Sanjay Jumaani – Celebrity Numerologist

Retrograde Planets & their Impact…

Retrogrades are the time when planets take a backward turn and affect areas of your life that they rule. When a planet turns retrograde, its influence is reversed. There will be challenges in your life but you must learn to take these in stride. Accept changes that take place when retrogrades happen.

Mercury Retrograde

This is the time when you get to think about adjusting your attitude and decisions about issues that give a new direction to your life. The adjustments that you make during the retrograde period are bound to occur throughout the year. Things tend to get awry during this Mercury Retrograde period. A rise in misunderstandings, delays, disruptions in negotiation and trade, flawed communication etc are likely during this period. Unforeseen changes and blockages are seen in this retro phase. This retrograde has an impact on your mind and thoughts. You review and revise your life during this period. You start thinking of ways to improve your life and start making changes that gear you towards success. This is the time that allows you think of future changes. You want to think of ideas that allow you to fit your future dreams into your present. For some of you these changes will give a new direction to your life.

Mars Retrograde
Mars retrograde is the time when you need to wait and plan your projects. In general people are frustrated and make some poor choices and moves during this period. Things may go slow or not go as expected. Your energy level slows down and arguments occur due to impulsive actions during this time. A bad time to initiate new projects and plans. Accept compromises and review your goals and methods. Stress related health problems are indicated when Mars goes retrograde. Adjustments that you are willing to make now will help improve your chances in future. If you have to postpone something new do so, as it is probably for the better. Wait for Mars to resume direct motion and you will soon see this frustrating time change.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn turning retrograde gives you an opportunity to reassess your past commitments.
You get a chance to decide what’s best for you and say No to the things that you don’t want to do. Before starting any new projects, you need to have a look at your past commitments, projects and strategies. Stress may hit you unexpectedly what with all the delays and upsets. It is essential that you make no new commitments at this time, as it will be hard to keep up. Accept life as it is and you will not get frustrated easily. During Saturn retrogrades focus on what you can do to change the current state of affairs. Reorganize your life and don’t be disappointed if things don’t work out the way you anticipate.

Venus Retrograde

When Venus turns retrograde it has an impact on your love life and values. This is the time when you start thinking about your personal life and relationships. Many people believe that this is not a good time to get married or even start a new relationship. Its best to take things slow and re-think your personal relationships. This is also not a good time to make major financial decisions. Those of you planning to have a makeover need to wait for Venus to turn direct again. During this time there is a possibility that hairdos, enhancements, and new wardrobes may go wrong. If you don’t want to get stuck with a hairstyle that you don’t like you should wait for a better time. Venus rules beauty and that is why beautification processes like renovations and decorations may not go as planned. Act on these areas when Venus turns direct again.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter retrograde is the time when you gain a better perspective on life. It evokes in you a feeling to get in touch with long lost friends, go on a journey that you had postponed for some reason or another. What you did in the past starts showing result when jupiter is in retro phase. This is an excellent time to take care of any unfinished business. If you are into spirituality this is the best time to learn more about philosophical or spiritual things. Spirituality helps you gain a better understanding of life. By exploring philosophies you get in touch with your personal integrity. Most people seem to be phony and superficial during this retrograde phase. But it all depends upon you whether you just want to sit there and criticise or change your outlook in life. Have an objective look at your projects and see where you need to work harder and do it better.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto retrogrades are those times when you are far more intense and have a higher degree of concentration. You start looking at things in a whole new manner. You may even be suspicious of the motives of others and start seeing more than there actually is. The retrograde motion is directed towards your inner activity. This retro phase urges you to let go of what is old and embrace the new. This is the best time to change your attitude, behaviour, life style and old habits etc. You will not get a better time than the Pluto retrogrades to start a detoxifying diet. This detoxifying diet completely cleanses your internal system. You gain control over your personal life and feel a lot better. A good time to give yourself a makeover and transform yourself. This retro phase will definitely make you look good and feel good too.

Uranus Retrograde

Uranus retrograde is the time when you seek freedom and adventure the most. You are at your creative best at this time. Your creative mind starts working overtime and you come up with some rather brilliant ideas. Start planning the best way to test your creative thoughts. A wonderful time for those working in the creative field. Your creative juices are flowing at this time and artistic skills are enhanced. You dislike being confined and want to be free from everything that makes you feel tied up. You may even feel like a rebel at this period. But it is wise not to act impulsively upon your urges. Think about all the changes that you want to make but act on them when Uranus turns direct again.

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune retrograde is the time when you find yourself drawn towards spirituality. You will also be able to express yourself as an artist. Your sensitivity is heightened at this time. You make an effort to connect with your inner self and pay more attention to what’s going on around you. This is a time to refrain from associating with the wrong crowd. It is important that you avoid people who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other stimulants. During this retrograde period you are likely to pick up too much from your external environment. This is a good time to focus on your artistic skills and talents. You may feel confused about a lot of things at this time. Its best to embrace this confusion and accept life as it is.