Ram Navami

This month brings the popular festival of Ram Navami that celebrates the birth of Lord Ram, an incarnation of Vishnu. The occasion signifies the day when Lord Vishnu took the seventh avatar and was born as Lord Ram to king Dashrath and his wife Kaushalya. This auspicious day falls on the ninth day of the shukla pasha in the lunar month; the eight days preceding Ram Navami are celebrated as Navratras dedicated to goddess Durga. The jubilation is observed all across the nation with devotees performing rituals and offering prayers to the deity.

RAMA stands for “SARVESHU RAMANTE ITI RAMAH” that means which revels in every one of us, the pure light of Consciousness, the Atman, and the self. Lord Ram symbolizes absolute perfection, as he was an ideal son, a perfect husband and a devoted brother. It is believed that reciting the Ramaraksha prayer eleven times daily during these nine days yields benefits like reduction of speech impairment and other ailments and helps gain prosperity.
At the holy city of Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Ram and an exceptionally brilliant place with beautifully decorated temples all over, the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Pilgrims gather here in huge crowds to worship the lord while others fast throughout the nine days to attain purity, wisdom and ultimately liberation.

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