Chelsea FC V/S Inter Milan

Will Mourinho’s side knock out Chelsea from the UEFA Champions League?

Chelsea FC will play host to Jose Mourinho’s side Inter Milan this Tuesday, March 16, 2010. This is the first time Mourinho will be seen returning to Stamford Bridge since his departure. Sports columns have been abuzz with talks about Mourinho commanding the spotlight during this crucial knockout match. He will surely be back with a plan to knock his former club out of the Champions league. Mourinho’s side had a 2-1 lead in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie.

Returning to Stamford Bridge after such a long time would be an emotional moment for Jose Mourinho. Samuel Eto, the Inter Striker however, insists that his manager is far too cool to get distracted by such an occasion. The stars predict things may not go in Chelsea’s favour. Inter will play an attacking game and will be ahead right from the start. Chelsea will have to defend really well and cannot afford to make too many lapses.

Samuel Eto is likely to play a very good game and will lead his team to win. Luck is on his side and he will make the most of opportunities that he gets. Petr Cech’s absence will affect Chelsea’s defence. John Terry might struggle a bit to get things right. Drogba will play a good game but it might not be enough to win the match. Some poorly calculated shots from Chelsea striker Drogba will affect their game. The Blues need to be better prepared if they are to continue their journey in the Champions league.

Prediction: Inter Milan will beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.


3 comments on “Chelsea FC V/S Inter Milan

  1. Jake says:

    May Inter Milan Win!!

  2. ZAREMA says:

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