Tarot Cards: The Emperor

What can you expect when the  Emperor card appears in your reading? Find out all about the card and what it predicts for you!

The Emperor

The Card is Upright

The Emperor is a card that gives you permission to be aggressive, brave, bold and in command. This card could even stand for you and therefore, you need to think about whether you are now a bad leader, demanding, unreasonable, unhappy. It might be time to abdicate the throne or a something you have been hanging on to. You`re called upon to develop your own sense of right and wrong, act when necessary and to reassess your moral codes. You may be placed in a situation where you must be bold and courageously defend your beliefs in the face of strong opposition. This is not the time to flee or back down but a time to take a stand and do what`s right for you. You must be ambitious, self-motivated, and fully determined towards victory. You must assimilate your life, weed out the dead parts then cultivate that which motivates you. The lesson here is that you must do things to please yourself, to set short and long term goals so that one day the tower will be constructed in ways that support your lifestyle. Don`t forget, you are in control, forceful and ambitious. Nothing will stop you now. Be prepared to protect and defend the vulnerable, as well as to shed the lazy and weak. This card indicates nothing but success. It represents obstacles overcome, goals reached and ambition fulfilled. When The Emperor comes up in this position, you are about to be granted an audience with a powerful individual who has the wherewithal to help you with your personal plans. An opportunity will arrive that could be the foundation of a very successful future.

The Card is reversed:

This can mean that either you or a man of influence in your life is being overbearing and dominating. The Emperor reversed may indicate the misuse of power, too. Erratic behavior by someone in authority or weak and indecisive behaviour in someone who has responsibility to and authority over others are some other aspects you need to be mindful of. Remain strong – always seek a positive direction. Plan and work each day – concentrate on your self-discipline. Take the time to understand the motives of the people around you. This card also urges you to take a middle path for your own personal health. Dealing with authority is fraught with difficulties at this time, and whether this manifests as a dominant partner, problems with your father or battles with officials, you do not seem to be making any headway. And, whatever else, do not show contempt for any kind of order. Paradoxically, this is a time when you also realize that although things may have gotten quite chaotic recently, now is the time to bring about order once again. And, it`s all in your hands.


3 comments on “Tarot Cards: The Emperor

  1. Leke Idowu says:

    I wish to know much about my life i was born in November 4th 1974

  2. Leke Idowu says:

    what can i do to be rich in life?

  3. Tarot card reading helps to learn how to improve their new heights in all areas of our lives: career, love, spiritual growth, family and creative expression, Gage the overall energy around a particular person or situation, learn what and how to do according to the most effective way to not waste precious energy, gain critical assistance in critical moments of our lives, learn how to overcome difficulties and achieve the load and achievements, identify priorities of the outcome did not materialize in the physical, how to play a positive correction, learning The most direct way to accomplish our goals.

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