Prosperity and Well-being With Malas

Unknown to most people, wearing or chanting prayers using specific malas has the power to attract prosperity and heal emotional and mental wounds. Here are a few instances:

Kamal Gatta Mala
It symbolizes Goddess Lakshmi. It is made from a lotus stem. A person desirous of wealth should perform Jaap of Goddess Lakshmi with a rosary of Kamal Gatta of 108 beads. It is said that it renders plenty of wealth to the person who wears and uses this mala.

Navratna Mala
It makes a person remain cool under stress. The navaratna mala is made of all the 9 major (planetary) gems. If worn, it makes a person remain cool under stress. This gem awakens the healing powers and gives extra sensory powers to the wearer.

Moti Mala
For bringing auspiciousness. Moti Shankh provides all the beneficial effects of the Moon and renders a person peace of mind, frees him or her from nervous disorders, and enhances wealth and prosperity.

Rudraksha Mala
For successful chanting, control of BP. A rosary of Rudraksha is considered to be the best for Siddhis and Japs. Any type of Jap can be performed with a Rudraksha rosary. A rosary of pure beads of Rudraksha is very useful and keeps the blood pressure of the person who wears it, normal and makes him/her virile. It is also useful in the development of one`s intellectual faculty.

Crystal Rudraksha Mixed Mala
For prosperity. It renders prosperity to the family of the person who wears it; and is able to destroy his enemy. If a person who is suffering with prolonged illness such as cough, fever, uncontrolled anger, insomnia, eye problems wears this mala, it will prove to be remedial.

Tulsi Mala
Prepared from the stem of the Tulsi(Basil) plant, this mala aids concentration. Also, wearing it regularly enhances the health of the wearer. This mala is specially recommended for those who chant the Vishnu Sahastranam or worship Lord Vishnu.

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