Chennai Super Kings VS Royal Challengers Bangalore (31-03-2010):

Chennai Super Kings are up against Royal Challengers Bangalore today. This IPL match will be tough for both teams. Some important catches are likely to be missed. Wickets will fall quite early. The planets are very well aligned for Royal Challengers Bangalore as compared to Chennai Super Kings. Royal Challengers Bangalore will finally win the match by a narrow margin.

Players Astro Performance

Chennai Super Kings

Highest Run Scorers: Matthew Hayden and Suresh Raina

 Wicket Takers: Shadab Jakati and Thilan Thushara

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Highest Run Scorers: Jacques Kallis and Manish Pandey

Wicket Takers: Dale Steyn and Praveen Kumar

Match Prediction: Royal Challengers Bangalore has a 56.2% chance of beating Chennai Super Kings.


Ipl Match Predictions 2010

Kings XI Punjab Vs Kolkata Knight Riders (27-03-2010):

This match will be very close and extremely tough for both teams. The stars are well placed for both the teams. This time again a same situation of super over is indicating. The team which bats 1st will be the winner of this entertaining match. Both teams have a 50% chance of winning the match today.

Kings XI Punjab High Scorers:

Mahela Jayawardene and Ravinder Bopara,

Wicket Takers: Piyush Chawla, Yusuf Abdullal and Sreesanth

Kolkata Knight Riders:

High Scorers: Manoj Tiwary and Brad Hodge

Wicket Takers: Murali Kartik, Ishant Sharma

Stock Market Prediction (March 22 to March 26)

Monday, March 22, 2010

The week will open with a volatile market, so be watchful about where you invest. Pressure would mount right from the start, though there maybe uncertainty around 13:20 hours. Real estate and Pharmaceuticals stocks are expected to be more sensitive.

Star Power of the day 4.5.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The market would open on an uncertain note and the situation is likely to continue till 13:50 hours. Small gains are expected to occur after 13:50 hours. Banking and Chemical sectors are likely to see ups and downs, so be cautious.

Star Power of the day 4.5.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The day would bring a lot of fluctuation in the stock market. An upward growth is predicted around 10:30 hours, so cheer up! Pressure will mount again after 12:00 noon and there is a possibility of a downfall before the market closes.

Star Power of the day 4.5.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The stock market would continue to remain under pressure, and it may soften around 10:45 hours. There is an indication of uncertainty and volatility in shares, so be careful. The day is expected to end with the market closing nearer to the previous closing.

Star Power of the day 3.5.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The markets may perform undertone today so avoid making early trades. Stocks are likely to soften around 10:45 hours. Ups and downs are expected during mid day but would shoot up after 14:30 hours. Avoid investing in Bank, Pharmaceuticals and Real Estate shares as they are more sensitive.

Star Power of the day 4.0.


Mumbai Indians VS Chennai Super Kings (25-03-2010)

The Mumbai Indians are up against the Chennai Super Kings. Chennai Super Kings are likely to face some difficult situations today. The planets indicate that the Mumbai Indians will have a rely on hard work and not on their luck, if they are to win the match. The competition will be close and there will be many exciting moments. In the end however, it will be the Chennai Super Kings who will emerge as the winning team.

Players Astro Performance

Mumbai Indians

High Scorers: Sanath Jayasuriya and  Sachin Tendulkar

Wicket Takers:  Lasith Malinga and Zaheer Khan

Chennai Super Kings

High Scorers: Matthew Hayden and Suresh Raina

Wicket Takers:  Ravichandran Ashwin and Lakshmipathy Balaji

Match Prediction: Chennai Super Kings has a 54.9% chance of beating Mumbai Indians today.

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Delhi Daredevils v Chennai Super Kings (19-03-2010)

Today’s match between Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings will be close and pass through uncertainty too. The team which bats first will struggle hard. Initially, the run rate will be slow but it will pick up gradually, though the score will not be really high.  The first two overs will be very sensitive in the first inning. Lots of ups and downs are indicated in the second inning. The second inning will be very crucial. After two overs, there will be wicket fall. The fifth over will be very stressful. Early wicket fall will be in the second inning after 06:14pm. A catch out is likely in the first two overs. Chances of injury are also indicated in the second inning. The stars are in favour of Chennai Super Kings and they are likely to win the match.

Players to watch out for

Chennai Super Kings:

Batsmen: Matthew Hayden and Albie Morkel

Bowlers: M.Muralitharan, Ravinchandran Ashwin

Delhi Daredevils:

Batsmen: Gautam gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Tillakaratne Dilshan

Bowlers: Wayne Parnell and Amit Mishra

Match Prediction: Chennai Super Kings has a 54.2% chance of beating Delhi Daredevils today.

IPL Match Predictions: SEASON 3

Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Rajasthan Royals (18-03-2010)

Royal Challengers Bangalore are up against Rajasthan Royals on March 18, 2010. It will be a very close match. The stars are placed well for both the teams and the match can go either way. It’s not at all an easy decision to decide who will be the winner in this match. Chances of interruption are high. The team that bats first may not win the match. The outcome will be unpredictable and fans will keep their fingers crossed till the very end of the match. The stars favour Royal Challengers Bangalore today.

Ram Navami

This month brings the popular festival of Ram Navami that celebrates the birth of Lord Ram, an incarnation of Vishnu. The occasion signifies the day when Lord Vishnu took the seventh avatar and was born as Lord Ram to king Dashrath and his wife Kaushalya. This auspicious day falls on the ninth day of the shukla pasha in the lunar month; the eight days preceding Ram Navami are celebrated as Navratras dedicated to goddess Durga. The jubilation is observed all across the nation with devotees performing rituals and offering prayers to the deity.

RAMA stands for “SARVESHU RAMANTE ITI RAMAH” that means which revels in every one of us, the pure light of Consciousness, the Atman, and the self. Lord Ram symbolizes absolute perfection, as he was an ideal son, a perfect husband and a devoted brother. It is believed that reciting the Ramaraksha prayer eleven times daily during these nine days yields benefits like reduction of speech impairment and other ailments and helps gain prosperity.
At the holy city of Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Ram and an exceptionally brilliant place with beautifully decorated temples all over, the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Pilgrims gather here in huge crowds to worship the lord while others fast throughout the nine days to attain purity, wisdom and ultimately liberation.