Mercury Squares Saturn

Mercury Squares Saturn:  Dilemma and Lack of Communication Ahead

If you are normally intuitive or spiritually aware or even if you’re not feeling all that conscious lately– you may be feeling the effects of Mercury squaring Saturn. This is because Mercury has everything to do with how we think and even what thoughts we prefer to think. Additionally, the square to Saturn shows that the socially-correct thing to think may not be what you had in mind. In short, this will be a week of dilemmas, decisions and revisions.

EFFECTS: You will get to hear a lot of ‘should have happened’ or ‘should do,’ ‘should not do’ from all around you this week. This will make it slightly tough for you to think of creative solutions since you will be too strongly focused on what you are supposed to be doing. Saturn is about rules and laws. Unfortunately, learning them will be a challenge now.

Yet, Mercury squaring Saturn has its positive side, for example, focus on details. Saturn will suggest more discipline to build skills and accomplish goals while Mercury would want freedom.

Alternately, your thinking could get gloomy and pessimistic at this time. You will clearly see the superficiality, the faults or pointlessness in other people’s plans. Also, communicating with others will be minorly difficult and others will resist what you are saying. You will feel more inhibited and uncommunicative and you sense that others are not receptive. You will be inclined simply to keep your thoughts to yourself.

You may be narrow-minded in your opinions because you fear change. You are advised to adjust your thinking to the rapid changes taking place around you.

Be careful not to sign legal documents without reading the fine print, and avail yourself of legal guidance.


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