Christmas Special!

What’s Special For You this Christmas? How can you make this Festive season a lucky time for you? There are many astro products available which you can gift to your loved ones or buy for yourself to enhance your luck and attract happiness in your life!

These are some special products which will really make you lucky!

Golden Topaz –  Helps  control anger and also makes you much more positive

An effective gem, which almost acts as a mental tonic, the Golden Topaz confers dignity and nobility of character. One gets innovative ideas by wearing this gem, and learns to control anger and also turning one`s energies positively. A golden topaz should be worn on the index finger on Thursday morning. It should be cast in gold or silver and the following mantra should be recited before wearing it –”Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Brihasptaye Namah.”

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This energised 5.25 ratti popular  gemstone is available to you now at a low cost of Rs.1325 only!

Set of laughing Buddha – Set of 3 Laughing Buddha with ivory effect!

A set of three laughing buddha in hand painted ivory effect. These buddha figures may be placed together or spread about your house or office to encourage good fortune. During this Christmas time, you can add positivity to your home and improve the atmosphere at home by placing this set of luaghing buddhas.

This set of Laughing Buddhas is available to you now for only Rs.525.

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Crystal Tortoise-Small – Tortoise in crystal

The tortoise is the symbol of long life and crystal has a forceful field of light and energy. The crystal turtle balances & harmonises the aura around us and removes negative energy, therefore when we keep this crystal turtle, in our home or office or with us, the place is purified by the power of crystal.

This auspicious product is available to you now at a special price of Rs.1100

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