Celebrity Astrologer: Kewal Anand Joshi

Shri Kewal Anand Joshi ji is a legendary figure in the field of Indian Astrology. He has more than 20 years of work experience in this field. He has worked for various Newspapers like Nav Bharat Times, Sandhya Times, Amar Ujala and Rashtriya Sahara and done numerous Astro predictions. He is a world-renowned astrologer and has written more than 60 books related to various branches of astrology. He is an expert on practical astrological works like Casting of Horoscope, Interpretation of Birth Charts, Match Making, Annual Results, Dasha Interpretation. He provides business advice, Vaastu remedies and also recommends Yantras, Mantras and gemstones. His accurate predictions have brought him name and fame worldwide.

He has specialized in casting of ethnic and modern mathematical horoscope with mundane or global positioning data along with interpretation of tri-circling natal chart and its interpretation in Yogini, Ashtotari and Char Dasha system. He also applies Varga or divisional astrology in serious cases and uses its remedies according to planetary yagya and anushthana. Pt. Joshi has developed his own occult knowledge in predicting calamities, market trend (tezi-mandi) and rectification through Vaastu. A cosmo universal thought related with human body and its functioning is the prime application of Mr. Joshi’s research.

He provides consultation and advice through queries or prashna that can help in the search of fugitives, curing illness and regaining lost wealth in business. Life reading, dasha reading and advice on education, health, marriage, exams, foreign journeys, political status are other kinds of consultations that he provides. Shri Kewal Anand Joshi ji has a long list of clients who have been highly satisfied with his services and remedies.


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