Bigg Boss Prediction Season 3!

Bigg Boss Prediction

December 4, 2009: Who will be evicted?

This week, Vindu Dara Singh, Raju Srivastav and Pravesh Rana have been nominated in the Bigg Boss house. Vindu has been voted out again and again by other members of the house. Pravesh has been nominated once earlier, but this week`s nomination was an expected one. Raju Srivastav has been nominated for the first time and the public has to decide who they want to vote for or against, this week.
Astrologically, Vindu`s chances of being evicted this week are quite low. The Moon in his birthchart will ensure things happen in his favour. He will have a good time at the Bigg Boss house and will also not face too many hurdles as the planets are in his favour. Raju Srivastav`s stars are the strongest among these three. Both, the Moon and Jupiter, have formed a strong alignment which will ensure that he stays in the house for a much longer time. In fact, Raju will also be a finalist in the show. He will stay back with the majority votes this week. His chances of winning the show are also quite high. Pravesh Rana, although admired by many, will fail to garner enough votes this week. Mercury in his birth chart is quite weak and will not help him get votes to secure a place for himself in Bigg Boss.
Voting Results will be out this Friday, December 4, 2009!

Prediction: Pravesh Rana will be voted out of the Bigg Boss house!

One comment on “Bigg Boss Prediction Season 3!

  1. biswa ranjan jati says:

    he must be evicted

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