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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn: Expect Miscommunication On December 26, 2009, Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury, the wise communicator and common con artist, will send communications, travel, appointments, mail and the Internet into snarls and a spin! The retro will last for three weeks, until Jan. 15, 2010. planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac.

EFFECTS: The key issue during this phase is going to be one of focus. Mercury’s retro phase tends to bring unforeseen changes and blockages, but the frustration that many of us experience during these periods is often due to our own inability to change along with change, so to speak. So, in short, one needs to be extremely focused on oneself and actions. Unresolved issues from the past tend to push themselves forward. Moreover, these experiences reveal flaws in our internal organisation as well as our external planning, which can make us feel inadequate. Some people actually prosper under a retro Mercury, especially if Mercury is retrograde but otherwise well-aspected in their birth charts. It is also a time when matters begun under a previous retro period will come to fruition or completion.

Mercury retrograde, like any cosmic aspect, affects people differently, depending on where it hits their personal charts. When Mercury is retrograde, everyone becomes more introspective; we tend to think about issues and concerns that relate to the sign involved. With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, people with this sign prominent in their charts will be especially prone to such introspection. Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign, so the other Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer and Libra will also feel the same! With Mercury retro in Capricorn, a Saturn-ruled sign, people will tend to become critical, penetrating and somewhat suspicious, yet thoughtful and diplomatic. One would want to know secrets of other people. This phase awakens the inclination to be miserly, cruel, mean and unkind. The pragmatic, material world will take a priority. This phase can stimulate skin issues or problems and psoriasis due to nervous tension and stress. Too much worry will upset your digestion. All areas of communication will be affected during this phase, especially in matters related to teaching, healing, professional advice, workplace relationships, the military, and communications connected with such matters. This period brings travel issues, mail mishaps and missed appointments of all kinds. Documents can go missing. Be sure to carry a diary and refer to it!

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Tarot Cards

They do not always tell you what you want to know, but they do always tell what you need to know. They do not always answer the question that you ask, but they will always answer the question that needs answering the most.

Tarot cards are an ancient form of divination, whose origins are shrouded by the thick fog of time. Tarot was used during Renaissance in Italy as a popular game, and was rediscovered by occult scholars in the 18th century, and was connected to other forms of occultism.

What are Tarot cards?

It is an oracle that can answer questions about the past, the present and of course the future. It is a tool for guidance and for self-discovery and to get in touch with one’s own intuition. Tarot cards are an intermediary between the conscious and the unconscious mind. One thing they are not is a tool for black magic.

Essentially, Tarot is simply a set of symbols printed on a pack of 78 cards. These cards are shuffled and dealt, just as ordinary playing cards. The Tarot has four suits with 10 numbered cards and four court cards in each suit. In most Tarot decks, there are also 22 numbered Major Arcana. While the Major Arcana are the more powerful, since they deal with major life changes and philosophies of life, the Minor Arcana are often more commonly used in readings because they refer to the mundane events most questioners ask about. They are divided into four suits.

What Can the Tarot Cards Tell You?

Tarot cards are not fortune-telling cards; they will not tell you that a certain event is definitely going to happen. The philosophy behind the Tarot is that all future events are subject to change, and if you are warned of unpleasant events in advance, you can prevent them.

» Tarot cards benevolently warn that danger lies ahead if you stay on your current course and change nothing. You may choose to ignore this warning, but when you pass the danger zone, you will pay quite severely. Or you can take preventive measures and change the course of events.
» Tarot does not tell fortunes because divulging details of an unalterable future is counter-productive. On the contrary, it is supposed to make you think and act. It subscribes to the view that future events can be changed if you take note of them and act appropriately.
» Tarot cards can answer questions about the past, as well as those about the future. And they can reveal the present as well. Often, the cards can show the thoughts, feelings and motivations of the questioner, and of others who are related to the question. Most relationship spreads have positions for both partners for this reason. If there is something that you must know in order to solve a problem, the Tarot can and will reveal it to you. Often, you’ll find that you already knew it, but you overlooked it or ignored it.
» Tarot cards are also a wonderful source of advice and guidance. In the hands of an expert, Tarot cards can make a good counsellor.

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Why is Tiger in the Woods?

Born on December 30th, 1975 at 10.50 p.m. PST, Tiger Woods has been facing personal problems of a severe magnitude over the past few weeks. Why is this so? Will his fortune change? Will there be peace in his personal relationships again? Let’s find out…

Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer ever, has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Tiger, an idol for sports lovers across the globe has suddenly hit headlines with some startling revelations. His relationship with wife, Elin Nordegren, has turned sour after media reports of his alleged hook ups with cocktail waitress Jamie Grubbs and club hostess Rachel Uchitel. He has also been linked with several other women. These allegations have affected the Woods’ family and Elin has finally moved out of their house.

According to Indian astrology, his surya(Sun) is in buddh(Mercury) and buddh is in pratiantar dasha. Simply speaking, this spells trouble in married or love relationships. During such an alignment, there are misunderstandings galore in love or romantic relationships. There are allegations, extra-marital affairs for sure during such times, which is what has happened to Tiger Woods, too. From December 15 2009 to January 14 2010, due to Jupiter’s negative influence, Woods is likely to face more trouble with regard to his spouse. This situation is likely to become better between January 15th 2010 to mid July. After July, there are chances that Woods may have to deal with serious personal relationship issues again. His birth chart reveals a second marriage, not now, but later.

Woods’ life has changed and unless he makes dedicated, concentrated and sincere efforts to remain truly faithful to his spouse, there will be problems posed by his stars and planets.