Celebrity Sagittarius: John Abraham!

John Abraham

John Abraham was born on 17th December 1972 in Mumbai. This model-turned-actor has definitely made a mark in Bollywood and has a great lineup of movies this year. He started his career as a successful model and then became an actor co-starring opposite his girlfriend Bipasha Basu in Jism. His movies have not done well at the box office yet he has managed to remain very popular and successful. His releases Dostana and New York did quite well at the box office. His female fans simply adore him. His upcoming movies include Aashayein and Luna, to name a few.

John is a Sagittarian and his ruling number is 8 and his lucky days are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The planet Saturn governs this number, which means that he is disciplined and dutiful. Being a Sagittarian he has a strong sense of adventure and loves traveling a lot. He is an optimist and always looks at the sunny side of life. He is honest and outspoken. The sun in his chart is reflected in his wide smile and cheerful personality. He remains optimistic in times of failure and that is the reason behind his success.

2010 will prove to be a very busy year for John with his signing up a number of new projects and getting into a lot of other things as well. The year will start with a bang especially with his finances taking a brilliant turn. He will be requited to take an important decision about his love life that will help bring stability back into his life. As the key planet of Sagittarius, Jupiter will encourage him to live life like an adventure and its radiance will make him happy. Breaking from the norm and expressing his individuality will help see the start of a great new phase in his life.


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