Bigg Boss Season 3 Prediction

Bigg Boss Season 3 Prediction

November 27th, 2009: Who Will be Evicted?

This week, Vindu Dara Singh and Rohit Verma were nominated in the Bigg Boss house. Both these contestants were caught plotting and planning on tape and their nomination came as no big surprise. Vindu has been annoying a lot of people in the house with his rude behaviour and arrogance. Rohit too was found to be lying to a lot of the house members. The video tape came as an eye opener for all. The other contestants were surprised to say the least and some were even furious. Among these two, Vindu’s stars are stronger, astrologically speaking. The Moon and Saturn favour him at the moment and he is likely to have a much better time this week. Things will seem to go in his favour. His bad time too will start soon but not during this week.

Rohit Verma’s antics to gain attention and sympathy will do him no good. His stars are not in his favour and he will fail to garner enough votes to keep him in the Bigg Boss house. Negative publicity is indicated due to an unfavourable Venus. He is also likely to miss some opportunities to turn his luck around, indicates the Moon. Rohit Verma may try all that he can to secure a spot for himself to stay in Bigg Boss for long but that is not likely to happen. Once he comes out of the Bigg Boss house, he is likely to stay in the news for his comments about other members of the house. Controversies and gossip are indicated for him. He needs to keep his emotions in control and not let adverse situations influence his behaviour. Shukra in his chart may be the main reason behind his eviction this week.

Voting Results will be out this Friday, November 27, 2009!

Prediction:Rohit Verma will be voted out of the Bigg Boss house!


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