Year Ahead 2010 Prediction Pisces

Pisces in 2010

Outcome Card of the Year: Temperance
Your Lucky Elements
Lucky Number – 5
Lucky Dates – 14, 23
Lucky Color – Soft Sea Green, Pure White, Mauve, Silver
Lucky Day – Thursday
Lucky Birth Stone – – Moon Stone, Amethyst, Aquamarine
Lucky Season – Early Spring

General overview

The year 2010 will be more focused on all the things you had completed related to old friends, lovers, habits, desires, health, money, or business problems resurfacing for the sole purpose. A phase of introspection may create upsetting conditions or pressures to cause a previous health problem to resurface, and that problem will probably need medical attention. The right actions will be provided, but it will take special effort or concentration on your part to use them to your advantage. Many unforeseen or unexpected events are going to come up, will transform situations, all with a positive end in view. You should take help of spiritual assistance in producing the solution to a problem.

Career & Finance

You’re going to have an unforeseen problem to confront this year. You will be distressed by health problems, financial worries, and business discouragements or that you can’t or won’t make the compromises necessary to keep your relationship going with another. You’ll feel that if you continue on the path you’re on without relief or gratification, you will absolutely explode, and the desire for change will be so intense that it comes bringing the very thing you want. Something will still be missing, and anger will arise with others if facts are not readily available. Your best success will come through your ability to maintain control over volatile conditions and utilize ideas in order to bring forth the kind of results you want. You will have discussions about work or finances which will be agreed upon by everyone and if in business for yourself, you’ll make money but will have to compromise with some concessions. If you travel for work you may find that the expenses are a bit high.

Romance, possibilities, friendships, social life & travel

You will feel hurt or slighted because of the attitude of your present partner, not including you in his or her plans. You are going to have an unexpected call from or encounter with an admirer…

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