Year Ahead 2010 Prediction Aquarius

Aquarius in 2010

Outcome Card of the Year: Transformation
Your Lucky Elements
Lucky Number – 4
Lucky Dates – 13, 22
Lucky Color – Electric Blue, Turquoise blue, Sky Blue
Lucky Day – Saturday
Lucky Birth Stone – Amethyst, Aquamarine
Lucky Season – Early Winter

General overview

There are the elements of transformation and change associated with ‘Death card’. The changes are usually large or will affect a number of areas of your life. Make sure you allow yourself time to mourn what you have lost to make way for what will come. Your new life will be starting sooner than later – enjoy these changes. You are going to have a new direction, focus, or plan. Everything you are experiencing at the present time is going to change, and something you thought was a lost cause will be reinstated or will begin to flourish again. You will have luck in a new business enterprise, and income thought lost will be retrieved.

Career & Finance

The focus is on endings and new beginnings in career, partnerships, or status quo — new conditions, new opportunities, and/or a new lifestyle. You feel you can no longer go along with the status quo and want things to change radically. Your greatest success will come through your ability to rise up again in a different form, or in a different way, and begin anew. Things are not going to go as planned. You will feel ‘short changed’ because you hoped for so much more that you received. This could be concerning a partnership or a career endeavour. Expect a slight delay in travel. You are going to have a new direction, focus, or plan and see something flourish again. Many changes are going to take place, and in the first five months a new direction will emerge. Expect a slight delay in travel plans. You may start to go, then have to wait or pull back and then go later, but a change in conditions will open new doors.

Romance, possibilities, friendships, social life & travel

Your false relationship is going to come to an end but your love for that person will continue to burn like a lone candle in the window of a deserted home. You will feel ‘short changed’ because you…


One comment on “Year Ahead 2010 Prediction Aquarius

  1. laxmidhar swain says:

    Request to you to please inform me as what is going to happen in 2010.

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