Libra Year Ahead 2010 Prediction

Libra in 2010

Outcome Card of the Year: The Hanged Man
Your Lucky Elements
Lucky Number – 12
Lucky Dates – 3, 12, 21
Lucky Color – Pale Blue, Dark Crimson, Lemon Yellow
Lucky Day – Friday
Lucky Birth Stone – Sapphire, Opal
Lucky Season – Mid Autumn

General overview

The year 2010 will be more focused on your life, values, and way of thinking, caused by a complete reversal in your affairs. The Hanged Man is a signal that life’s movement has temporarily paused, when you’ve been forced to ‘sacrifice’ and as a result, lost something of value. Impending situations and existing conditions will cause much suspense and anxiety, and you will search your soul for a feeling of self-worth or purpose, but you will make it through this turbulent time by the grace of God. This is not a time to make decisions – the best course of action is to welcome this rest and accept that waiting is necessary. You will be fortunate in money matters, and luck will be with you in reversing a negative trend.

Career & Finance

Don’t be afraid of multiple delays in work. A new business proposal will come & that will ease financial tensions or inject new life into a situation that’s fallen into a rut. You will be surprised by an unexpected financial opportunity that is going to come your way and suddenly having the wherewithal to handle a rough situation effectively. You will also be concerned about the response of others regarding documents & legal matters in initial three months. You’ll have repeat clients and some financial increase or profit, but will be waiting for something to happen or turn up. You will also fear that the work you’re doing won’t be able to sustain yourself in the future. Money will be coming in through commissions, trade, or skills or through a mortgage, loan repayment, or unexpected source, and if a need arises, money will come to cover it.

Romance, possibilities, friendships, social life & travel

Your dreams relating to love life will no longer seem valid, and everything that’s been before now will look hopeless or meaningless.

Read full prediction by Divya Chugh and get guidance for the year 2010


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