Leo Year Ahead 2010 Prediction…

Leo in 2010

Outcome Card of the Year: The Judgment
Your Lucky Elements
Lucky Number – 2
Lucky Dates – 20, 29
Lucky Color – Orange, Golden Yellow, Red
Lucky Day – Sunday
Lucky Birth Stone – Ruby, Cat’s Eye, Golden Topaz
Lucky Season – Late Summer

General overview

A situation will present itself in the first quarter of this year that will suddenly change your thoughts, feelings, or plans. This could be concerning a romantic matter. A short trip will prove to be very beneficial because you will inadvertently meet a new admirer or one who will help you in your work. The resolving of inner or outer conflicts will mark the end of suffering and improved conditions. Or, a change in consciousness through spiritual evolvement or self-development will bring new purpose, meaning, or motivation to your work. You are going to get some good news or an uplifting endeavour from concerning a relative.

Career & Finance

The focus will be on new business ventures or partnerships, beneficial help, improved conditions. You will come up with new methods or innovative ideas. You would prefer to bury the past and start fresh and invest time or money in a new relationship or enterprise. You will be troubled by an unexpected confrontation or argument over money or legal rights. After a period of suffering or failure to find happiness, the past will begin to fade, and you will experience a regeneration of mind or spirit that will be directed towards new ideas, new areas and new beginnings. The resolving of inner or outer conflicts will mark the end of suffering and improved conditions. You will experience improved conditions in the form of a money judgment, settlement, payment on investment, or profit shares. A new partnership or personal relationship will mature towards the middle of the year.

Romance, possibilities, friendships, social life & travel

In business-related affairs, you’ll be very glad, but in matters of the heart you may feel very sad, because you will find it hard to forget or stop loving that person. Someone’s actions or attitude will make you think twice about seeing them again, starting up again, or…

Read Full Prediction by Divya Chugh and get guidance for the Year Ahead 2010


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