Gemini Year Ahead 2010 Prediction…

Gemini in 2010

Outcome Card of the Year: Chariot
Your Lucky Elements
Lucky Number – 7
Lucky Dates – 16, 25
Lucky Color – Yellow, Red, Black & white
Lucky Day – Wednesday
Lucky Birth Stone – Tourmaline, Agate
Lucky Season – Early Summer

General overview

There will be many unexpected problems to combat, but you will overcome them all and attain a sense of deep satisfaction, and events concerning real estate, property, or a new home will take a surprising twist. A fixed attitude, unworkable involvement, or unpleasant experience will come to an end, followed by a new perspective, sudden insight, or uplifting turn of events. Your best success at this time will come through continuing on in spite of obstacles, discouragement, or disappointments and in taking a rest when one is needed.

Career & Finance

The focus will be on introspection, re-evaluation and decisions of passion; confusing issues that make you re-examine your affairs Hard work and self-control are a crucial element of your coming achievements. Situations are going to become very confusing and you will find it difficult to ‘keep the faith’ .You will be disappointed in the sudden collapse of an idea or valued object. Business or financial matters will cause confusion as to the best way to proceed or action to take, but you will ‘inherit’ the ability to surmount the difficulty or correct the problems. Often, this energy can lead to travel, news or opportunity from far away. The Chariot can also serve as a reminder when you are wasting your time and not living up to your full potential. You will have to confront someone in the middle of the year over money, but your arguments will be successful and the money will be paid to you.

Romance, possibilities, friendships, social life & travel

The Chariot indicates a person will enter into your world, who will inspire you to continue because they believe in you and know what you’re capable of. You will want to share your deepest feelings…

Read full prediction for the Year Ahead 2010 and get guidance from Divya Chugh


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