Sunsign Work Habits…


Aries, you are pro-active, extremely determined and will always be the first to take charge. You find it almost impossible to follow orders and work according to other people’s dictates. You will mostly end up working on your own terms and get things done independently.


You work mostly for money and will not bother much about the work as long as it helps you earn well. You will make a good leader but you make no effort to take initiatives. You are hardworking and impress your colleagues with your efficiency. Your slow and steady style of working makes you reliable.


Your good communication skills make you a smart worker rather than a hard worker. You make friends easily at work and are good at networking with your colleagues. You are the one your co workers approach when they need the latest water cooler gossip. You are restless and cannot wait to move on from one project to the next. You enjoy experimenting and doing work in a creative manner.


Your mood swings and sensitive nature makes it hard for you to mingle with your co workers. You get your work done in a quiet manner and without much fuss. You are extremely hard working and will find it hard to say no when it comes to work. You never talk your way out of important assignments and get everything done diligently.


You seek attention and like to stay in the limelight at work. When you work people know all about the work that you have done. You like to boss around and force your opinions on your co workers. Your leadership skills ensure you get promoted fairly quickly. Nothing holds you back when it comes to achieving your goals.


You are neat and efficient. Your paperwork is always in order and all your files and folders are exactly where they need to be. Finding flaws in your work will be an impossible task. You are however, extremely hard to please and you often end up ruffling other people’s feathers. Do keep a tab on that catty tongue of yours!


You are highly indecisive and can take hours reaching a conclusion. Once you have taken a decision you will still wonder whether the decision you took was right or wrong. You cannot make up your mind whether you like the work that has been done or not. You have an annoying habit of redoing work once again which your co workers may find extremely annoying. You are a stickler for rules and efficiency.


You are a passionate soul and once you are given an assignment you will give it your best. You will not shirk away from work even when you are undergoing a crisis at home. You like to lead and outshine others at work. Getting that top position will always be important for you Scorpions. You have no time to indulge in silly chit chat with co workers. People may find you a bit cold and ruthless.


You like to think out of the box and come up with great plans that will blow away everyone’s mind. Your knowledge and imagination will help you make a good impression on everyone. You will be busy traveling and attending meetings for your company. You give good advice and command respect from your co workers.


You slog your way to the top. You are extremely down to earth and will never boast your achievements. You like to keep a low profile at work and usually avoid going to office parties. Your work is always well done and your boss appreciates all the work that you do. You will always be willing to overwork and meet your deadlines ahead of time. Promotions may come late as you don’t network with people as much as you should.


You know how to get your work done without putting in much effort. You have answers for everything and will never get into trouble for avoiding work. You are not at all hard working and will rather depend on your smooth talking ways to make a good impression on others. This may soon come to the notice of your co workers and lead them to gossip about you. You are most likely to be your boss’s favourite.


You are very sensitive and you do not handle criticism well. You are also prone to daydreaming and losing your concentration. Your creativity will however, bring you success. You are a bit of a mystery and your co workers will have time figuring out what’s going on in your head. You follow what your heart desires rather than thinking logically with your head. Your creative ideas will help you excel at work.


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