Bigg Boss Season 3 Prediction

November 20th, 2009: Who Will be Evicted?
Surprisingly, 6 people have been nominated for Bigg Boss Season 3 eviction this week: Vinod Kambli, Aditi Govitrikar, Bakhtiyar Irani, Claudia Ciesla, Pravesh Rana and Rohit Verma. Pravesh Rana, Bakhtiyar Irani and Aditi Govitrikar got 3 votes each and Rohit Verma, Vinod Kambli and Claudia Ciesla

Claudia Ciesla, the German model’s stars are the strongest among them all. She is definitely going to make it to the Top 5 of Bigg boss finalists. This is her first nomination and her popularity will help her stay in the house for a much longer time.

Rohit Verma was not allowed to vote this time as he was found to be plotting and planning against other members of the house. It is strictly against the house rules to discuss nominations but Vindu, Raju Srivastav and Rohit were found to be discussing nominations on several occassions. His stars, although weak do not indicate his exit from the show this week.

According to Vinod Kambli’s astrological chart, Rahu is strongly placed in his chart. Even though chandrama is adversely affected by Rahu, his chances of eviction are not very high. Bakhtiyar’s astrological chart says that although the Moon will make him feel restless, he might not get evicted. Astrology says he should be really careful with the women in the Bigg Boss house if he wants to survive. Claudia, Rohit and Pravesh will not be evicted either. Luck will favour these people. However, this is not what can be said for Aditi. Shukra in her chart is not placed very well. If she does not take care of her speech and what she says to anyone around, her chances of eviction are the highest.

Voting Results will be out this Friday, November 20th, 2009!

Prediction: Either Aditi or Bakhtiyar will be voted out of the Bigg Boss house. Aditi’s chances are higher than Bakhtiyar’s.


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