Virgo 2010 Prediction

Overall: The year 2010 on an overall basis is governed by the `Ten of Pentacles.` The card says that this year you will be occupied by money matters and involve yourself in managing your finances. Also the card says that a lot of earthy matters will be aggravated which will make you feel attracted towards materialistic pleasures of life.
Health: The card of `Justice` says that you are balanced in your life. You are also in the best of your health and observe a peace of mind. You receive emotional support and this too brings happiness around which keeps you in the best of your health.
Money: `The Empress` card says that this year you will attain karmic balance. You life will flourish in money matters and you will also hold a position. Also you will be busy in doing charity.
Relations: The card of `Three of pentacles` says that this year you will experience an exchange of energy. Relationship will blossom and you will be meeting a lot new people. You will not just get support from people around but also support those around you. This will help you to establish new contacts which will be beneficial in the long run.
Career: The `Two of pentacles` says that this year you are likely to be occupied with a lot of work and this work will be the sort you want to be involved into. Certain projects might be completed but a lot new will be undertaken.
Guidance: Card `The Lovers` says that this year you need to devote some time to meditate so as to obtain peace of mind. You are blesses and will be at a powerful position. You are also advised to attach importance to relationships as things will only turn into your favor if you give importance to people around.
January : The month of January is ruled by the `Four of pentacles` says that you need to be flexible in money matters. You are likely to be just concerned about getting materialistic pleasures. Your job offer may not be what you anticipate especially in money matters. However, you need to settle down the offer as per the salary offered.


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