Scorpio 2010 Prediction

Overall: `The High Priestess` card says that this year you have a lot of opportunities in terms of career. This is all because of the potential that you have. However, you are unable to make the best use of these opportunities. Therefore you need to develop a lot of zeal so as to make the best of the opportunities that you get. Monetary benefits are also foreseen.
Health: `The Magician` card says that you are able to keep yourself in the best of the shape. This is also because you have balanced plan and five elements of life. Positive attitude also helps you in maintaining a healthy body.
Money: The `Seven of wands` says that you are making the best use of the opportunities that come your way so as to receive monetary benefits. Moreover, your efforts do not go in vain as financially you enjoy a good position.
Relations: The `Six of swords` says that you have been able to learn from the mistakes done in the past which help you to share a better relationship with your dear ones. You are able to understand the other persons mind thereby making the relationship better. You are also able to clear all the misunderstandings that had occurred and this will make your relationship blossom.
Career: The `Eight of swords` says that you are not ready to share your knowledge which will make the other person doubt your capabilities. You are therefore advised to give away with this attitude and share your knowledge and ideas with influential people around. It is only this approach that will help you to build up your career.
Guidance: The `King of Cups` says that you will get ample opportunities to give your life a new dimension especially in terms of your career. However, you show reluctant behavior towards these opportunities which might hamper your growth. Therefore you need to have a broader vision so as to climb up the success ladder. You also need to overcome the extreme behavior towards people i.e. you need to balance your approach and not show immense love or hatred as extremities in both cases will not be appreciated by people around.
January : The `queen of cups` says that you need to have faith in yourself. You are the best judge to yourself and only you know your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore polish your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses. The queen also says that you need not pay much attention to what people around you think and just perform to the best levels so as to achieve success.

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