Sagittarius 2010 Prediction

Overall: The year 2010 is ruled by the `Three of Wands.` The card says that the year begins on a good note. You are able to achieve success in various aspects of life. This is because of the bucket full of opportunities that life offers you. The best part of the situation is that you also know the art of making the best of these opportunities. Health: The `Queen of Swords` says that you need to take care of your health. You also need to take out time for yourself and spend some time with yourself. Health is an integral part of one`s successful life and this is what you need to keep in mind. Money: The `Four of Wands` says that you are target oriented. In monetary terms the year brings unexpected gains from different sources. You will be in a cheerful mood and will enjoy the luxuries of life. Relations: `The Hierophant `says that you have a Krishna magnetism, which will attract people around you. You have a lot of positive energy and are also able to utilize this energy in the right direction. This will make your relationship strong and lasting. Career: The `Knight of Wands` says that you need to move ahead with a lot of force and determination. It is only this approach that will enable you to excel on the professional front. A determination to accomplish your target by overcoming all obstacles in life is what you need to have so as to have a successful career. Guidance: The `Moon` card says that you need to overcome the habit of having a high ego as it might not be appreciated by people around. You also need to start trusting people and their intentions and look at every individual with the same perspective. January : The `Ace of Wands` says that with the commencement of the year you attain happiness in all spheres of life. Your professional and personal life flourishes more than you anticipated. Good news from unexpected sources adds more joy to the situation and you begin your year with a bright mood.



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