Pisces 2010 Prediction

Pisces 2010
Overall: The `Ten of cups` says that this year you will have a sense of security. You also have an optimistic outlook towards life. This approach keeps you in a very happy mood. You are also able to spend time with family and friends that keeps you and your family in a happy mood.
Health: The card of `The Lovers` says that this year you are in the best of your health. This is largely because of the fact that you devote some time out of your busy schedule in exercising which keeps you healthy.
Money: The `Page of Pentacles` says that you need to be careful in monetary matters. You need to give away your habit of being a spendthrift. A proper planning of the future is needed and you need to have a matured approach towards life and spend wisely.
Relations: The `Card of the Fool` says that you are very straightforward in your approach. You just speak your heart out. This attitude keeps your relationship in a good shape as you share what you have in your heart.
Career: The card of the `Temperance` says that you will have a sense of security on the professional front. You are also focused at your work place that puts you in a good position. There are also a lot new avenues that also come to you.
Guidance: The`Ten of swords says that you need to be very careful while giving responsibility to someone. A lot of precaution needs to be absorbed while laying trust on someone as you might face betrayal. Therefore, in order to avoid crying over the spilled milk be very careful in each and every move that you make.
January : The `Eight of cups` says that you are occupied with a lot of work. Since you attach more importance to the professional life and not personal life this might have a negative impact on your love life. Therefore you need to strike a balance in your personal and professional life.


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