Libra 2010 Prediction

Overall: The `Eight of pentacles` says that you are rigid in your ideas and perceptions. This may have a negative influence on your career especially in terms of seeking job opportunities. You also seem to have a “say no” attitude to a situation where sharing of things and ideas is required. This approach will do no good to your personal and professional life.
Health: The `Knight of pentacles` card says you need to take care of your health. You are also advised to be yourself as pretending what you are not will not help you anywhere. Health needs attention and health related issues should not be ignored.
Money: The `Nine of pentacles` brings a lot of monetary gains for you. You get a lot of opportunities to earn loads of money and you also have the wisdom to make the best of these opportunities. Your monetary gains and tensions take a back seat as you have enough earnings.
Relations: The `Five of wands` says that there is an influence of negative energy in your relationships and only you can avoid this negative energy rule your relationship. The influence of this negative aura brings chaos in the relationship which is likely to disturb your mental peace
Career: The `Two of cups` says that your career this year blossoms more than you anticipate. You are fully merged in giving your career a new direction. The best part is that things will happen the way they are planned but benefits are much more than expected. You get a lot of opportunities and you also make the best use of them.
Guidance: The `Death` card says that you need to learn to move ahead in life. You need to do away with things that don`t matter and will have no relevance in the time to come. It`s the only key to live a happy life. The card also says that new beginnings are on the card which will bring positive changes in life.
January : The `Three of cups` says that the year begins on a big note as you observe happiness all around. Celebrations are on the cards and those waiting for marriage are likely to find their spouse. The month is going to be like a never ending holiday.


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