Gemini 2010 Prediction

Gemini 2010
Overall: The year 2010 is ruled by the card of `Hierophant.` The year brings a lot of joy in life. Added to this is a balanced approach towards life that you develop. Harmony is obtained both at personal and professional matters.
Health: The health factor is ruled by the `Three of swords. The card indicates that your health is dependant on the attitude that you develop towards life. Health remains good if you have a correct attitude towards life.
Money: The `Knight of cups` indicate that you are much focused. Your calculative and evaluative approach brings prosperity in money matters. You also avoid wasting money on unnecessary expenditures.
Relations: The `Knight of swords` keeps your relationship in good terms. Your relationship improves with the flow of time and this all because of the initiative and efforts that you put in to improve your relationship. However, do not ignore your partners` emotions and viewpoint.
Career: The card of `Nine of wands` says that since you have a lot of experience so the year 2010 proves to be very promising as far as the career prospects are concerned. You receive appreciation for the hard work that you have put in the projects undertaken. On the whole the career will flourish.
Guidance: The `Three of pentacles` card says that you should be ready to take help from others as and when you need it. This approach will be beneficial for you and people around as well.
January : The `King of pentacles` brings good position for you. You can also be given the treatment of that of a king from the people around you. However, to attain this position you need to put in some efforts and involve yourself in the social practices like charity etc.


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