Capricorn 2010 Prediction

Overall: The `Five of pentacles` says that you are low on energy and this is largely because you have lost something. However, you need not lose hope as life is all about moving ahead with the determination to emerge as a winner. This approach is what you need to practice.
Health: The `Queen of Cups` says that you are thinking about the situations from your heart which is impacting your health. You need to avoid doubting people and their intentions and think from the head and not from the heart.
Money: `The Hanged Man` card says that you are blessed on receiving monetary gains but the sources to have financial gains are unknown to you. Therefore you need to talk about this with people around. Also you need to have a clear understanding of the financial deals that you opt for.
Relations: The `King of wands` says that you are not putting in the amount of efforts that are required to have a long lasting relationship. You are not merging yourself into the relationship and taking the other person for granted. However, this is not a matter of concern but taking the other person for granted can hurt which you need to avoid.
Career: The `Seven of cups` says that you are achieving everything that you wanted. However, you are not satisfied and your expectation level rises. You see a lot of positive things happening on the career front which encourages you to work harder.
Guidance: `The Hermit` says that you need to overcome the habit of helping others without any expectations. This attitude of helping others without any expectations will only lead to people taking you for granted. You also need to stay happy with whatever you have.
January : The `Ace of Pentacles` says that you gain a lot from various sources. You are also likely to get a job from an unexpected source. This makes you positive in your approach and you are thankful to god for the same. You also get monetary satisfaction which lifts up your spirits.

Read full prediction for Capricorn 2010 Tarot by Celebrity Tarot Reader Seema Midha


3 comments on “Capricorn 2010 Prediction

  1. jagruti mhatre says:

    i want to know when i will get job

  2. anita jas says:

    i wud lyk to know about my career aspects…..

    • Astroyogi says:

      Hi Anita,

      To know about your career aspects, you can register on and speak to an astrologer on the phone for FREE. You will receive a free 5 minute phone consultation where you can ask questions to the astrologer based on your birth details without paying anything.


      The Astroyogi Team

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