Romance Horoscope for this week!

November 3- 9

Aries Romance Horoscope

An excellent week as you are likely to meet with a person whose company would bring happiness your way. The polite behaviour of the kind-hearted person will attract you towards this person and you find yourself developing close friendly relations. There are strong indications that by the weekend, it might just turn into a romantic affair! With Cupid on your side, you are likely to have a good time, after all!

Taurus Romance Horoscope

Your planned meeting with your beloved may not materialise due to a lot of work. A good bit of news for some of you wanting to propose your love to someone special is that you will be successful in communicating your feelings. Those of you living far away from your beloved must remember that as long as you both love and trust each other, no physical distance will seem too great.

Gemini Romance Horoscope

You will have to be a little careful in your romantic affair especially during the middle of the week. There are chances that your moody behaviour could create some rifts in the relationship. It would also be good for the future of your relationship if you were to develop an understanding and caring attitude towards the one you love. Singles, do wait awhile before falling headlong into a serious relationship.

Cancer Romance Horoscope

Express your hearts desire to the one you love. Convey your true feelings to this person and see what a difference it makes to your relationship. Also, those of you who have been in love for a long time now will need to do things differently to bring in freshness. Those of you who have a long distance relationship, think of moving closer if you are seriously thinking about getting married to each other.

Leo Romance Horoscope

A great time for romance. Getting into a new relationship? This is a good opportunity to end or start a relationship. You people deeply in love must think of taking your relationship to the next level; talk to your folks if you must. Also, those of you in a painful relationship must immediately move out if you feel you have given it your best and nothing seems to work in spite of all your efforts.

Virgo Romance Horoscope

This week, your romantic life is likely to take some twists and turns. Quite a few of you may miss the company of your partner. Don`t get disappointed because it will be a blessing in disguise as it enables you to realise how dearly you love each other. Those of you who may have had a lovers spat must decide to kiss and make up; staying cross with each other will not help your relationship for sure.

Libra Romance Horoscope

Attending a social gathering turns out to be the biggest gift of your life this week as you meet a charming person. With Cupid`s influence, you are likely in for love-at-first-sight. What`s more, the chances of your feelings being reciprocated are high. This is a very good and favourable time for you to take your relationship to the next level; if you find yourself deeply in love, you must propose marriage to this special someone this time around.

Scorpio Romance Horoscope

The week promises a beginning of romantic journey as your long-time friendship turns into love. This would lift your spirit taking at the heights of romantic imagination. However, those of you in love must remember that there are going to be quite a few possibilities of a lover`s spat: as far as possible avoid confrontation and in case if there are some differences there are other ways to tackle them.

Sagittarius Romance Horoscope

This week you are likely to fall in love with someone you thought was just another friend. You will need to look at yourself and change certain habits to fit love in your life. This person could be a treasure-trove; do not say or do anything that would take him or her away from you. This suggestion also holds true for those of you already in a relationship; you folks need to do something different to surprise your beloved this week.

Capricorn Romance Horoscope

Falling in love this week would change your life forever! This person probably has been on your mind and you have managed to find the perfect person for yourself. Take time out for this person and think of creative ways to bring a smile on their face. Married folk, you really need to take time out and spend some romantic moments together.

Aquarius Romance Horoscope

Your changed outlook would catch the attention of your beloved; celebrate this occasion. Those of you in love must spend more time than you presently do with each other. Looks like some of you are into more than one relationship; this is something that needs to be taken care of or else there will be many of you who will be hurt.

Pisces Romance Horoscope

Singles waiting to mingle must not despair- hope and love are just around the corner. Those of you in love must spend time with each other. It has been long since you two had a heart-to-heart about issues that matter. Also, if you both are planning to get married, wait for a while before you break the news to your parents yet. Teenagers in love, you need to concentrate on your studies for now.

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