Know What to Gift Your Sister This Rakhi…


Don’t really know what to gift your sister with, this Rakhi? Here are some Tarot Tips & ideas from a celebrity Tarot Reader on the Astroyogi panel, Divya Chugh. Read on to know how to make this day special. Find out what do the cards predict for you…

Tarot Card: The Star
Tarot Advice:
Hope, Generosity & Serenity

Prediction: Arian sisters, the Star card indicates that your creativity will be very high this week.
Gifts for Arian Sisters: Arian sisters would appreciate cool, trendy fashion accessories or handmade crafts with a bunch of Red roses. Latest movie tickets will add a lot to celebrate this special day.

Tarot Card: The Hanged Man
Tarot Advice
: Sacrifice & Patience

Prediction: Taurean brothers & sisters, the hanged man card indicates that things may not turn out the way you want.
Gift for Taurean Sisters: If you have a Taurean sister, always remember they only like branded stuff. They love cash gifts also (a big sum). Youngsters would love to have perfumes & chocolates.

Tarot Card: Magician
Tarot Advice: Action, Awareness & Diplomatic attitude

Prediction: Gemini brother & sisters, your twin nature will help you enjoy the company of your siblings.
Gift for Gemini Sisters: A trendy bag or a pair of new shoes will be a great gift for your sister.


Tarot Card: Two of Cups
Tarot Advice: Sharing, Relating, Harmony, Cooperation

Prediction: Cancerians you may not be in such great spirits this festive day. Try to stay a bit cheerful and don’t get angry with anyone.
Gift for Cancerian Sisters: This Raksha Bandhan, take your sister shopping and let her buy all the clothes she wants.  Elderly sisters would love to have home furnishing items.

Tarot Card: Ten of cups
Tarot Advice: Joint Venture, Wholesomeness

Prediction: Try to be adventurous and try some new activities today.  An outdoor picnic will keep you in great spirits.
Gifts for Leo Sisters: Any gift in the colour yellow will be very lucky for them. Gift them a music system or a mixed CD of their favourite songs.

Tarot Card: Five of Pentacles
Tarot Advice: Avoid Criticism & Rejection

Prediction: Don’t be too logical on this special day of Rakhi to please your sibling. You are always the first to determine what works best for everyone.
Gifts for Virgo Sisters: Virgo females love nature. Handicraft items like Rugs, Ceramic vases, handmade paintings & gemstone jewelleries will be some good gift options for your sister.

Tarot Card: Temperance
Tarot Advice: Moderation & Balance

Prediction: The Temperance card urges you to control your laziness & eating habits at this festive time. You may lack self-control when it comes to eating sweets.
Gift for Libran Sisters: Gift your sister flowers like orchids or her favourite book, photo frame, candies etc.

Tarot Card: Empress
Tarot Advice: Promises & Assurance

Prediction: The Empress card advises you to use your emotional and intuitive nature to bring back harmony in your relationship. Both of you can enjoy the bond of rakhi by sorting out the misunderstandings.
Gift for Scorpion Sister: Your sister will love chocolates. Try out the different types of chocolate available in the market. You can also gift her soft toys.

Tarot Card: The Tower
Tarot Advice: Re-evaluation

Prediction: Watch your health this week. The Tower card indicates that you may be tired due to overwork.
Gifts for Sagittarian Sisters: Bracelets, rings, earrings or nose-pins – any one of these accessories would be a good gift item for your sister.

Tarot Card: Four of Wands
Tarot Advice: Abundance & Family Un

Prediction: The Four of Wands card indicates fun times ahead. Enjoy!
Gifts for Capricorn Sister: A new watch, earrings or fresh flowers will be good gift options for your sister.

Tarot Card: Justice
Tarot Advice: Truth, Balance & Equality

Prediction: The Justice card indicates that this will be a good time for you on the family front. Rakhi celebrations will be just perfect this year.
Gifts for Aquarian Sisters: Your sister will like it if you gift her chocolates and new dresses.

Tarot Card: The World
Tarot advice: Value & Fulfillment

The World card indicates that there may be some problems in store for you. You are likely to get hurt because of someone’s actions. Don’t be so sensitive and try to forgive and forget.
Gifts for Pisces Sisters: Some good gift options for your sister will be her favourite book, ornamented hand bags, fresh flowers or a new ipod.


3 comments on “Know What to Gift Your Sister This Rakhi…

  1. Suman says:


    I was just browsing for Rakhi gifts and came across this post. Amazing! Thank you…I’m going to forward this link to my son and my husband:-)

  2. Nakul says:

    Hey cool! Now I know what to gift my Cancer sis!

    Thanks a bunch!

  3. Nishant says:

    Wonderful! Capital! I didn’t know such a thing existed! Am gonna get my sis a gift based on this and will surely let you guys know if she liked it or not.

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