Uranus Retrograde: Time for adventure and fun…

The planet Uranus will turn retrograde on the 1st of July 2009. During this uranusretrograde motion, you are likely to feel rebellious. You will seek freedom and a lot of adventure. Going on a short trip is a possibility during this period. Friends will find it fun to be around you. You will also find yourself indulging in physical activities and outdoor sports. Most of you are likely to start a new hobby or see a change in your daily routine during this time. You will find it easier to let go of all the stress that had been troubling you since the past few weeks. Things will definitely change for the better and you will see an improvement in your mood.

During this time, you will be at your creative best. This will be a good time to act on your brilliant ideas. Planning will help you make the most of your creative thoughts. Your artistic skills will be enhanced and if you happen to work in a creative field, you will see people noticing your work. This is the best time for planning all the changes that you want to make. You can implement these changes once Uranus turns direct again. Changes, if made during the retrograde phase, will not show the same results that they would during a direct phase of the planet. Another thing: don`t act impulsively on your urges. You may really want to do new things and experiment but it’s best to avoid such tendencies for the time being.

In your love life, too, you will want more freedom and space. You may get into an argument if your partner doesn`t give you enough breathing space. You will try your best to free yourself from everything that makes you feel tied up. Responsibilities and restrictions will have a negative impact on your mind as the rebellious planet Uranus influences you. Don`t let such feelings come between you and your mate. Be patient and listen to partner’s point of view first whenever you have an argument. The chances of engaging in reckless behavior are much higher during this period so take better care. Think twice before acting on your impulses and wait for Uranus to turn direct again to try something new.


11 comments on “Uranus Retrograde: Time for adventure and fun…

  1. molly says:

    hey cool pic

  2. Jazzy says:

    Thank you for all this information i really apreaciate ittt…….it realyy help me on my project!……thank-you!

  3. molly says:

    how r u

  4. stella says:

    thanks it helped me a lot and i showed my dad

  5. Randee says:

    If you could live forever, would you want to?

  6. jessica says:

    i think this website needs bigger and more pic’s posted it also needs new pic’s posted!!!!

  7. Megan says:

    That is so cool! Awesome picture by the way!

  8. Ted Sumrall (Theodore Sumrall) says:

    How it will affect our sun sign? It could have been more interesting if the detail was enough to understand?

  9. Bleebloop says:

    Yea Astrology is a lie. Enjoy your generalized life advice thru daily horoscopes!

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