1) Blue Sapphire or NeelamBlueSapphire300

Planet: Saturn

Day to be worn on: Saturday

Metal: Silver

This is one gemstone that should not be worn unless specifically directed by a sound astrologer. Blue sapphire brings mental peace and financial rewards to the afflicted person. It is the fastest working gemstone among the 9 planetary gemstones. It shows benefits within 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days. If proven beneficial, it will resolve major problems, bestow mental peace, clarity of thought, freedom from depression and anxiety. It will cure depressive psychosis, physical ailments and even alcoholism. However, if it proves malefic, the adverse reactions could be anywhere between quarrels, accidents or financial problems. The wearer is sure to get dreams upon wearing the gemstone; judging by the quality of the dreams, one may decide whether to wear or discard the gemstone.

If advised to wear this gemstone, do NOT wear pearl, coral or ruby along with it.

2) Yellow Sapphire or Pukhrajsapphire yellow


Planet: Jupiter

Day to be worn on: Thursday

Metal: Gold

Known to be one of the safest gemstones, the yellow sapphire is known to provide financial benefits to the wearer. It attracts fame, health and success to the wearer. This gemstone is also known to treat mild mental disorders and concentration problems. This gemstone should be worn only on the right index finger on a Thursday. Representing the planet Jupiter, it never harms the person who wears it. Yellow sapphire harmonizes and benefits Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Its effects are more like the sun; like the sun, this gemstone spreads across warmth, knowledge and tranquility.

Unless otherwise advised by an expert astrologer, do not wear diamond, blue sapphire, hessonite or emerald along with this gemstone.

3) Red Coral or Moongaredcoralbeads2

Planet: Mars

Day to be worn on: Tuesday

Metal: Silver

Red coral is beneficial in aiding good physical and mental growth, vigour & vitality, monetary gains, social status, marital affairs, and new ventures. It is also effective in helping the wearer overcome inaction, laziness, lack of confidence, difficulties in obtaining property, loss of assets, lack of domestic peace etc. Medically also this gemstone is helpful in curing bronchitis, blood infections, erratic blood circulation, obstructions in physical growth, fatigue, muscle cramps, back pain, chest congestion, fever etc. It should be worn in the thumb, the middle or the ring finger of the right hand.

Do not wear this gemstone without consulting an expert astrologer.

4) Ruby or ManikRuby

Planet: The Sun

Day to be worn on: Sunday


Ruby removes financial troubles, imparts prosperity, name and fame, especially in the political sphere and the son is born to the wearer. Ruby gemstones are beneficial to those who aspire to have high positions in office.

Health problems like BP problems, diabetes, piles, jaundice, cholera, issues of the heart, brain and eye can be remedied by wearing a ruby. This gemstone should be worn in the ring finger on a Sunday.

It must be remembered that Ruby is not suitable for everyone. If you are advised to wear a ruby, do NOT wear blue sapphire, diamond or hessonite with it.

5) Emerald or Pannaemerald

Planet: Mercury

Day to be worn on: Wednesday

Metal: Gold


Emerald gives good health to its wearer. Apart from this, it also makes him wise and intelligent. It increases wealth and property of the person who wears it and blesses him/her with children. It gives protection from the bites of snakes, it also protects the wearer from evil influences. It is also considered beneficial for the eye. This gemstone helps a person in getting rid of insomnia and depression. Be careful, though, as with any other gemstone, a blemished Emerald leads to injuries, deprives happiness from parents, causes mental and physical distress to the wearer.

When advised, it should be worn in the little finger on a Wednesday.

6) Hessonite or Gomedhessonite

Planet: Rahu

Day to be worn on: Saturday

Metal: Silver

A pure and transparent Hessonite or gomed gemstone neutralizes the ill-effects of Rahu, removes fear, creates clarity of mind, and helps in spiritual growth. It bestows financial prosperity. It also increases appetite, vitality, confers good health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. It is good for those suffering from allergies, skin disorder, piles, epilepsy, infection of eyes, cold, sinus infection, fatigue, insomnia, and BP problems.

Worn on the middle or little finger of either hand on a Saturday, Hessonite should not be worn with Rubies or Pearls or their substitutes.

7) Diamond or HeeraFour-Prong-Studs-Pair-of-Classic-0.25ctw-Ladies-18k-White-Gold-Four-Prong-Round-Brilliant-Diamond-Earrings-big02292

Planet: Venus

Day to be worn on: Friday

Metal: Gold

It is said that the one who wears a diamond has a luxurious life. Diamond is supposed to enhance the name, fame and artistic quality of the person who wears it according to old beliefs. It also enhances sexual power, cures diabetes, diseases of urine and venereal diseases, skin and uterine diseases. Diamond bestows the wearer a willingness to execute their planned objectives. Diamond also enables the wearer to do good deeds, meriting commendation and acclaim. It also leads one toward spirituality and enables the wearer to meet the challenges boldly in life.

When advised, wear a diamond on a Friday on the middle finger. It should not be worn along with Ruby.

8) Pearl or Moticultured-pearl-ring

Planet: Moon

Day to be worn on:

Metal: Silver

Pearl is used to remove the negative effects of the Moon and it strengthens the mind and increases good sleep and cures insomnia. It also aids in memory enhancement, cures uterine disorders, heart trouble and eye diseases, hysteria and pleurisy etc. It also increases sexual strength, removes melancholy and increases fortune.

9) Cat’s Eye or LahsuniaCatEyeLahsunia

Planet: Ketu

Day to be worn on: Wednesday

Metal: panchdhatu or a mixture of 5 metals

Cat’s eye is useful for eradicating the negative influences of Ketu and diseases induced by Mars. This gemstone protects its wearer from hidden enemies, sudden dangers and diseases. For businessmen, it is a miraculous, result-giving gemstone. It eliminates obstructions and reduces ailments, brings strength, pleasure, bliss, prosperity and children. Lost money is found again and financial situation becomes better by wearing the cat’s eye gemstone.

When advised by an expert astrologer, wear it in panchdhatu on a Wednesday on your little finger.



  1. amit anand says:

    the information is really good , hello sir can u help me myself amit anand niraj
    dob 5/5/1983 , i having problem of allergies i having throat ear and eye irritation which is due to allergy and indigestion seems no medicines working fine even seems no problem , will u please suggest me some stone will might help me i m messesing u as last resort . please mail me the remedy i will be thankful to you

  2. Hafeez Ahmad says:

    Hello Sir,
    My date of birth is 24/03/1983,Time 4:30AM,Place Hubli city,Karnataka,India(75’14″E,15’20″N),Kindly suggest me a gemstone for monetary gains apart from diamond,Blue sapphire,Pearl.
    And do let me know the prices of different good quality gemstones.And do let me know the various formalities to purchase it.

  3. akanksha says:

    hello sir, thanks for such a good information.
    Sir, according to the material on this site..i cannot wear diamond with ruby…is it true for diamond earrings also.i just wanted to know the i am wearing ruby in my ring finger so can i wear diamond earrings with it.

  4. kumar mritunjay says:


    i m 36 year old single indian male from patna bihar, i have been facing lots of trouble in my life(eco,family,personal) from long long time so kindly guide me about adject stone which would be change my life or put positive effect in my life

    my date of birth is 29th of august 1973 and place was distt sheikhpura near to munger or patna ,bihar and i dnt have adject time of birth but it was near abt 8 am to 10 am .

    hope i ll get back from u soon.

    thanks and warm regards
    kumar mritunjay
    +91-93 866 57 429
    (29th of august, kindly sugest me suitble stone)

    • Astroyogi says:

      Dear Mrityunjai,

      Please register with and get a free 5 minute phone consulatation. Provide your birth details to the astrologer and find out from the astrologer which stone is best for you. You can also get other remedies from which you will surely benefit.

      The Astroyogi Team.

      • zuhaa azher says:

        plz tell me which stone I should wear.
        My date of birth is 16 jan 1995, time is 5pm and day is monday. was born in skp pakistan.
        I want to persue in my study fields and want happinesss and gud luck in life.

  5. Hello sir,
    I have brought a ruby ring made out of silver……. please suggest me that it can be worn in silver also…….. In finger it should be worn

    • Astroyogi says:


      To make the most of gemstones, you will benefit by consulting an expert. Register on and speak to an astro expert immediately. Check out for the five minutes free offer.


  6. Ali says:

    Dear Sir
    With due respect I bought Gomed Stones and started to wore on my right hand little finger. Now please enlightened me that wearing on my little finger is allowed.

    Best Regards


  7. katie says:

    where is the peridot stone ?

  8. Diamond says:

    How can i find out my birthstone? Can you help?

    Barry Diamond

  9. sadhish.h says:

    Hello sir,

    My date of birth is 21-10-1980,time 12:24 midnight,place pondicherry ,India. I would like to wear Ruby ring,i need your sugession and also tell me my favour gemstones.please mail me, i will be thankful to you.

  10. Deepak Kudesia says:

    Name Eshaan kudesia DOB 17/02/1993 time 10:47 PM…….kindly suggest most suitable Gemstone.


  11. bijouxbioflex54 says:

    Any info on the Tanzanite ? And would it be consiidered as “Feng Shui” if inserted into body jewellery ? I have seen some Tanzanite looking colour crystals on jewellery catalog, but what about real Tanzanite ?


    My name is NARESH KUMAR MALHOTRA.DOB–7th jaunuary,1962,at 03.26.30am,what are the stone to be worn by me.Presently i had worn gomed, ruby, and emerld in right hand.and lapiz in left hand.Sir i am artist of National level of CLASSICAL MUSIC VOCAL.I always obstacquales iy riaz or in proffessional front.

  13. Vijay laxman Yadav says:

    My DOB is 20/9/1976 which gem should I wear & In which finger

  14. Dear Sir,
    The information was so clear and really good,my date of birth is 26/03/1958, time 10/33 pm.Can you suggest which stone I have to wear as per these details.—and also in simple and short tell me my future starting from now ,in terms of job and wealth in progress

  15. sai says:

    hello sir for some reason i just googled and found this page…i have been wearing emerald,ruby,diamond yellow sapphire coral and pearl and cat’s eye…but wat i get to c in ur blog is i shudnt be wearing diamond with ruby and coral….can you plz advice?

  16. kanwaldeep johal says:

    hi i want to know which stone will be good for me

  17. Raajee Sampat. says:

    Dear Sir,
    My date of birth is 13th february 1973.And my birth time is 4.00 p.m. in Mumbai Maharashtra.I have started to wear a blue sapphire and an american white diamond.Please advice me as to is it the correct bem stone with respect to my horroscope.
    Raajeev Sampat.

  18. anou arhora says:

    i have been advised to wear 5 ct ruby on my right hand, ring finger. Can i wear some diamonds occasionally on my other hand, which shall not touch my finger ?? Also can i wear yellow saphire along with ruby, both of which will touch my fingers. pls advice

    • Astroyogi says:

      Dear anou arhora,

      To make the most of gemstones, you will benefit by consulting an expert. Our expert astrologers are there to clear your doubts and answer all your queries. Register on and speak to an astro expert immediately. To talk to astrologer, please visit this page

  19. Vinod R says:

    Dear Sir,

    I started wearing diamond 0.26 carat in my right hand middle finger from last week. I am runnig through venus dasa. Please suggest whether this diamond can we be worn permanently. My birth details as follows

    DOB: 15/12/1972
    TOB: 1130AM

    How will be my career, finance etc

    Thanks, regards


  20. Amit pal says:

    Dear Moderator,
    Why Put this wrong information here.who tells you Ruby gems wouldnot wear with gomed…?many astrologer combined it and get good result….!i think you just copy or paste info from another site….
    Dont need visitor,ok,but not harases people with incorrect information

  21. Amit pal says:

    Anyone want free Astrological consultation,Just give me a mail-i will predict it totally free.just mail

  22. ranganatha raju says:

    i was born on 4th of august 1973 at 4 am, my rasi is virgo and asc is mithuna , i have rahu in my 7th house, can i wear gomedh, i am running jupiter/rahu dasa now.

  23. Mevaram meena says:

    sir,my DOB 13/11/79 t-10:45am bharatpur(rajasthan) please suggest stone,wear time,finger. sir l can wear ruby and peridot stone together ?

  24. Ashish C says:

    Dear Sir,

    DOB – 4th October 1974
    Time – 07.01 A.M.
    Place – Mumbai.

    Kindly suggest which stone will be beneficial for me for business and family.

    Kindly also suggest what weight in which metal and which hand/finger should I wear.


  25. kesshav mishra says:

    Dear pandit he .my don is 7/11/1984.time 7.16am at supaul saharsa Bihar .I wish to be an actor .tell me where I can be astar or not and stones for that

  26. Ashish says:

    Dear Sir,

    DOB – 4th October 1974
    Time – 07.01 A.M.
    Place – Mumbai.

    Kindly suggest which stone will be beneficial for me for business and family.

    Kindly also suggest what weight in which metal and which hand/finger should I wear.


  27. hi. very good info (: my date of birth is 7 jan 1983, 8am, born in durban, south africa – please let me know which gemstones are beneficial for me? is it alright for me to wear a diamond, herkimer diamond, garnet, zircon, emerald? thanking you in advance.

  28. Boluwatife Adegboyega says:

    Great directry

  29. Asiya says:

    HI ,
    My name is Asiya Begum and I am May 5th 1983 born .not sure of the timings bt close 11-2 noon however I am wearing Emerald and wanted to try Neelam stone. Please let me know if I can wear with the date and timings .

  30. I really intend to take note of this particular article, “GEMSTONES AND THEIR SIGNIFICANCE The Official Blog of Astroyogi.
    com” on my own webpage. Do you really care if perhaps I personallydo?
    Thank you ,Jan

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  32. “GEMSTONES AND THEIR SIGNIFICANCE The Official Blog of Astroyogi.
    com” productreviewsformom was indeed a fantastic blog post.
    If only there were way more weblogs just like this particular one in the actual word wide web.
    Nonetheless, thanks a lot for your personal time, Mark

  33. Denvour Thompson says:

    My DOB is 05/05/1981
    I don’t know the time
    Born in chennai.

    Tell me what diamond is suitable for me.

  34. Halima Sheikh says:

    Having legal problems. Request to advise best gemstone for best results.

  35. sachin nigam says:

    Birth date – 30 / 05 / 1989
    Birth time – 1:05 pm
    Birth place – Jhansi
    Can you plz suggest me gemstone for job n mind concentrate power and please tell me also that can i wear diamond gemstone and gomed(hessonite) together?
    Please sir reply me as soon as possible please

  36. krunal bhatt says:

    pranam guruji,
    manek and pukhraj ring in panchdhatu is good or not. and my d.o.b. is 23rd october 1986, ahmedbaad gujrat, time:3.15 i want to know about job and future any remedies.

  37. vikrant says:

    Hello sir
    My dob is 19 02 1987
    Time -5 4 36 sec Am
    Place mandla
    Sir can i worn whit saphhire and blue saphhire together… Pl suggested me… And wich finger i wear both gemstones..

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