UEFA Champions league Prediction

Astroyogi.com had predicted the final result of the UEFA Champions league in Barcelona’s favour. The UCL is over now and Barcelona did win the match by beating Manchester United 2-0. Barcelona was clearly the betterUefa_Champions_League_roma team that day. Luck was definitely on their side. Despite repeated attempts Manchester United failed to score a goal. Messi, Xavi. Iniesta and Eto; all had favourable planetary positions. This helped them fare much better than their rivals. Lionel Messi’s luck had a huge role to play in the Barcelona win. His header almost sealed their victory and dashed all hopes of Man U making a comeback.


Mercury Turns Direct- Good times are here again…

Mercury has been in retrograde motion for quite some time now. If you thought all those problems, misunderstandings and confusion has been happening for no reason, think again. These problems were on the rise due to effects of the retrograde or backward motion of Mercury. As Mercury turns direct on 30th of May things start looking up once again. If you had lost hope on a project, expect to get some good news soon.



Your love life will be better than ever due to positive effects of Mercury turning direct. Disagreements that occurred quite frequently over the last three weeks are about to come to an end. Now you will find yourself being more considerate about what you say. You may have had some trouble with your colleagues or friends during the retro phase but things will now get back to normal again. This is the best possible time for you to smooth out things and make an effort to rectify your mistakes. You no longer feel indecisive and will find it easier to make a choice about things that you were putting off for later.

Unlike the past few weeks you will be able to concentrate and get things done. Projects will move at a desirable pace and you won`t be plagued by delays anymore. This is the perfect time to start things afresh. Don`t think too hard if you want to move ahead with a new relationship, business venture or a creative project. Anything new will do well. Exciting times lie ahead of you, nothing seems to stop you now!